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Obamacare: Drowns in a Flood of Rapacious Incompetency!

Fire! Ms. Cheryl R. Campbell, CGI Federal; Andrew M.Slavitt, United Health Care/Quality Software Services Inc.
Flush! Deadwood Professional Democrats and Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee-especially John Dingell [“Demented”]; and Aged Republican Texans who splattered nonsensical palaver.

Only John Shimkus of [R-Illinois ] and Ann Eshoo [D-Silicon Valley] stood out for Practicality and Accountability.
I will not burden you with the pathetic sight of a group of useless, professional Republicans and Democrats presiding over the COMPLETE FIASCO called Obamacare. I want to go straight to what should be done with regard to Obamacare—A PRISTINE PARADIGM of POLITICAL CORRUPTION and PRIVATE/GOVT INCOMPETENCY!
Here are the following points I would like to bring up about the "rollout" of our landmark healthcare system:


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That may well be true, (we know it's true)

but WHO profits from this incompetency?
Follow the dollars!