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Was the Attempted War with Syria Meant to Fail in Order to Shift the Entire World Against the U.S.?

When the war with Syria failed miserably and all the escalated rhetoric for a global war came to a direct halt, people believed that our leaders listened and caved in to the demands of We the People. We thought we had the power to finally push back these elitists who have manipulated us all this time. While it may seem that we did just that, was it just another part of the elitists plan? Was it both a distraction and intentionally done in order to make the U.S. out to be the enemy and to turn the U.N. and the entire world against the U.S.?

If so, it would symbolize the dramatic shift from military warfare to social warfare. All the elites have done so far and are continuing to do is implement a social change rather than a military change, as social control rather than military dominance seems to be the key here.

During the events leading up to an all-out war with Syria, Putin and Snowden were portrayed as saviors and heroes to our country and the world. Putin got world leaders together and made Obama look like a deliberate fool in front of the entire world and Snowden supposedly exposed the NSA to both the U.S. and everywhere else. Now, Merkel and other world leaders are angered by it in an almost orchestrated fashion.

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My thoughts are a bit

My thoughts are a bit different. Central banks profit from wars. Dr. Paul told us that Keynesian economists thought the Great Depression ended with WWII but it was really the END of WWII. Keynesians think you can spend your way out of a recession, including major wars. Even economist Paul Krugman (Keyensian) suggested a couple of years ago that if the United States were to get into a major war, it would help the economy (even if it was immoral). You also have to step back and look at the larger picture. In 2006, CNN's Lou Dobbs was doing a lot of reporting on the plans for an North American Union. I'm not saying that's what's going on but if you look at the other things happening and always keep in mind that the central banks profit from manipulating interest rates, you can see why they'd want an NAU. The talk about it went public only a few years after the Eurozone was created under a single fiat currency. How in the world would you be able to convince Americans to give up their sovereignty to become a nation joined with Canada and Mexico under a single fiat currency??? Destroy the currency you have! Voila! Even thought it sounded "out there", all you had to do was watch the decisions being slowly made over the past decade. NORTHCOM, allowing Mexican trucks into the U.S. without Congressional approval (it was vehemently opposed in the early 1990s, I remember), Obama sending our troops to the SOUTHERN border of Mexico, Fast and Furious, push to give instant citizenship to illegal aliens, even allowing a Canadian entity to make the website for Obamacare, etc. Former Mexican president Vincente Fox did a speech about 7 years ago to Wayne State University in Detroit and someone asked him if he was pushing for a North American Union (on video) and he was a bit snarky and basically was saying get over it; it was going to happen. Gov. Rick Perry (before running for president) was pushing for the Trans-Texas Corridor highway that would've been 6 football field lengths wide, run all the way from Mexico to Canada, hold railway, internet, etc. And thousands of acres of land would've had to be stolen through imminent domain to get it. It wasn't even going to have normal exits on it for everyday American use. There's a lot going on here. But if you keep central banks and military industrial complex in mind (money), you can see the bigger picture a bit clearer. I've known since the 2007 (Dr. Paul's revelations) that the dollar was on it's way out if the same policies continued. I think there are factions that were wanting to ride the wave of the dollar collapse and make changes that were Un-American. Historically, central banks that get stuck in stagflation have to eventually destroy the currency to start over. That may be what happened. If you read economist, John Williams' hyperinflation report at shadowstats.com, he gives a lot of details as to how long this has been going on and what it would've taken to turn the Titanic around. It's at the upper right corner of his website.

Ron Paul predicted this

It's not some conspiracy.
It's a natural consequence of decades of bullying other countries.
Loss of support and credibility.
Ron Paul even recapped it this last week. "We're losing credibility militarily." and "We've lost so much credibility with our allies."