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So you think you're prepared for TEOTWAWKI? Not like this you're not!

There are doomsday preppers on a budget and then there's this. Behold the Taj Mahal of bunkers. The Versailles of armored abodes. When the SHTF this is where the party will be (but only if you're invited).

Street view:

Open view:

Other pictures:


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This is beautiful.


Yea, I saw this a while back.

Yea, I saw this a while back. Its nice for basic defence and yes, its likely better protected compared with normal houses, but it does paint a target on itself. That said, I dont think things will get so bad as not even a house like that will stop people.
People are going to forego trying to get into there when there are easier targets about. Its very unlikely we will have a mad max scenario though that will mean once the other places are picked clean, people will go after that house; I just dont think that would happen. The worst we have seen is the collapse in Argentina and while that was bad, a house like that would have definitly protected you.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

First building that will be targeted.

Remember you don't WANT to attract attention. This will be the prize jewel for SHTF.

That is rather

cool. If it was smaller it would be great for people with a second home, when they leave they shut it up tight and not have to worry about it being burglarized.

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The best defensive position

The best defensive position is one that is not seen. This bunker might be good against mindless zombies but, is too conspicuous for any other tactical purpose. Also it has too many moving parts.

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It's a modern statement

Even if it's only slightly effective. In gentler times people built teepees.

Should be underground with

Should be underground with just a hatch.

Check this baby out:

It looks cool but doesn't look like it would protect anything

It just looks like one of those shipping container homes for the most part. Most using those containers have this same exact style with the open windows and roll up door.

Would I live there? hell yes
Would I have bought and paid to build this? hell no

I would rather have land and a house that doesn't look multi-million and out in the middle of nowhere so the zombies or whoever might be coming will be well winded before they got to my gate.

Why build a bug out building where the masses of zombies will be. I see most trying to loot within their own areas first and SLOWLY expanding because it isn't like they really WORK for anything now so why would they when shit hits the fan.

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or a severe lack of it...

this isn't the first concrete home I've seen--

there are good reasons for having them, beyond for 'survival'--

but the power?

What if the doors won't open?

oh well--

I'd rather have a house built into a hill in a woods, hidden--

hobbit house--

just a dream.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Looks nice


Waste of money and effort.

Maginot line. Great Wall of China. Hadridan's wall. Fort Eben-Emael. Many more examples can be found in military history."Fortress mentality" is a doomed concept.

Patton was a blood-thirsty, narcissistic general, but he was correct when he said: “Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man". Given time and ingenuity, any static position like that can be overcome by a determined aggressor,and become an expensive tomb for the occupants.

I've read recently that some ritzy Hollywood homes now sport moats. Hah! such medieval thinking is foolishness. All that says is, "I have really cool stuff worth protecting with such measures!

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It Depends on What You're Preparing For...

If you built this to protect yourself against government military action against the serfs, then you will have wasted your time. Any well placed missile from a drone would lay waste to it.

If you are prepping for a zombie Apocalypse of hungry masses when their food stamps run out or the currency goes bad then this structure for sure is a step in the right direction. Many zombies wont be armed, or if they are it will be with light firepower.

The heavy armed are probably preppers themselves.

Would this be my method? No, it has a big target painted on it, but it will help to deflect many shitty scenarios that could present itself in the near future...


It will become a tomb if some group decides to take it under siege.

They forgot something

To paint a big bullseye on the side...