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Ron Paul: The American People Want More Fed Transparency!

Ron Paul was recently interviewed by CNBC and asked about his son’s “audit the Fed” bill. According to Dr. Paul, “All he [Rand Paul] wants is a vote on more transparency of the Fed, to get an audit of the Fed. I think that’s pretty minor. I think the time is ripe for this now…The people are for this,” says former Congressman Ron Paul. Dr. Paul mentioned that Janet Yellen has a reputation for transparency, so the chances of Rand Paul’s Transparency Act actually passing are greater than they were during Bernanke’s tenure.

Ron believes the Fed has been surreptitiously buying off-balance-sheet toxic assets and bailing out foreign nations, often in the shadows. “The people deserve it. We need to know what the Fed’s doing and not have all these trillions of dollars being spent and churned through the world economy without us knowing about what’s happening…I’d like to know what they’re doing internationally; we never know what they’re doing internationally.”

Watch the Entire Interview Here: http://marketsanity.com/more-fed-transparency/

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