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Unmanned Documentary on Drone Strikes

Hey guys... I'm thinking about hosting a screening of this documentary about drone strikes at my church.


Do you guys no anything about the organization? The producer's seemed to be liberal, but the doc features Glen Greenwald...

Basically I was wondering if this doc would be making excusing for liberal big gov't wackos like Obama or if there would be a better documentary to show at my church about Drone Strikes.

Thanks DP!!! :)

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"Unmanned" is sexist.

"Unmanned" is sexist. "Uninhabited" is preferred. :)


My opinion, fwiw

No matter how good a title looks, no matter how tempting it may appear to be... just like politicians, bills and legislation:

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, FULLY VET in its entirety.

I would wait until the full release, watch it start to end, and then decide.

Who knows, they may sneak in something negative about libertarians or Constitutional nutcases in there, or make the claim that is why we need better/more surveillance!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Very Good Point

Thanks! :)


Come on guys... help a brother out.