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Ted Cruz Looms Large Over Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Cruz spent the weekend in Iowa with Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), the most outspoken critic of comprehensive immigration reform in the lower chamber. It’s a potentially fruitful relationship for both lawmakers.

Cruz, who has become an influential voice among House Tea Party conservatives, can help cement opposition to merging the broad Senate package with one of the narrower House bills that could pass there this fall.
“An ‘all or nothing’ strategy on immigration reform would result in nothing,” Alex Conant, Rubio’s spokesman, said Monday.

“What is keeping us from progress on a series of immigration issues on which there is strong consensus is the fear that a conference committee on a limited bill will be used to negotiate a comprehensive one. We should take that option off the table so that we can begin to move on the things we agree on,” he added.

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FYI: there are 40 occurrences of BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION in the bill. A "narrower bill" is vague and not defined as of yet. Considering the direction this Republic has been taking, this so-called reform could potentially be very dangerous. Eventually, how does one differentiate between illegals and Americans, other than to require "law abiding" citizens to carry Bio-ID as well.


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Just another all or nothing strategy to polorize the electorate

Just like his long time teammate Barry. Together they will tear this nation apart.

I wonder if they ever attended bilderberg together