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Democracy Unplugged Forum Sampler


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

7:00pm until 9:00pm

Swarthmore Borough Hall, 121 Park Ave, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1536

Three interesting and controversial topics will be explored to discover which generate enough interest to have a debate on at a future date. After each presentation audience questions will be answered by the presenters. Come out and let your voice be heard! http://www.democracyunplugged.org/

Gun Rights - Presented by Darren Wolfe. He presently blogs as The International Libertarian (http://www.theinternationallibertarian.blogspot.com/).He is the former Eastern Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. Darren is presently the area contact for Come Home America (http://comehomeamerica.us/) a politically neutral peace movement.

Immigration - Presented by Corina E. Ramos. Bio and picture to be added when received.

Right to Privacy - Presented by James Babb, a libertarian activist in Philadelphia. He is a father and small business owner. He is known as a champion for individual rights. One of his notable projects is WeWontFly.com, a grassroots organization that has taken on the Transportation Security Administration. James believes that all people have an inherent right to travel with dignity, unmolested my government agents. He has also been a candidate for congress with the Libertarian Party.

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