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Liberty reality show starts Indie Gogo Campaign to produce next batch of episodes!

The pilot Episode is available for EVERYONE, so there's no secret about how awesome this show is coming out as well as the support around it. Watch Episode 1 here:


The Blush Family is now working through Episodes 4-6 and they need your help! Recently the family began an Indie Gogo Campaign to continue production and assure quality is not compromised for the show.

So far we have seen a HUGE spike in followers and supporters around the world. Here's a little bit about the show if you haven't heard of it yet:

Sovereign Living is a docu-reality tv show that follows the Blush family as they transition from a lifestyle of hardcore political activism to the farm life. Rather than fighting a system they find tyrannical, John and Cat want to lead by example and live a sovereign lifestyle. That means providing their own food, water, energy and community defense needs. In an age of large governmental influence, the Blush family aims to explore and learn about how they can take care of themselves and their community, voluntarily. Themes include Self-Sufficiency, resolving crime without police, alternative economies, alternative education, home birth and natural health to name a few. Join the Blush family as they take on the sovereign lifestyle, learning from experts on various topics of self-sufficiency and applying it to their own lives back on the farm.

After you watch Episode 1 consider contributing to the project. Donations of $25 or more receive access to Episodes 2-3 with a private link, that is not to be shared publicly. If you donate $200 you can even name a chicken on their farm! Follow this link to hear the pitch, watch more videos and learn how you can help: http://igg.me/at/sovereignliving/x/310959

Thanks DP'ers!

Bitcoin accepted!****

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