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EU considering sanctions on US over spying (Video)

"Published on Oct 29, 2013

The EU is weighing a response to Washington's espionage activities, and threatens to impose sanctions on the US."

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Mike Rogers is an idiot who

Mike Rogers is an idiot who does not care about His fellow Americans or the Constitution (just look at his voting record) and Feinstein only cares about her investments; she sure as hell agreed with the NSA when it was just us Americans being violated!

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Stop exporting to the U.S.? That would certainly clear the shelves at the Supermarket and retail stores. May even be good for U.S. employment.

Our trade deficit with EU is just what I was thinking of.

Uh, oh. Just think of it, punishing us by forcing us to buy goods made by our fellow Americans. Kinda like the "Slow Foods Movement." It would help support members of our own communities, providing jobs and incomes; and by eliminating all that unnecessary transportation, it would save energy and reduce pollution. http://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/balance/c0003.html

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there would have tp be massive deregulation first

That won't come anytime soon. They will just print more money to meet the elevated cost of Asian made goods, helping speed up the collapse.