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Halloween Horror 2013- Creepy Uncle Sam

Halloween Horror 2013 - Get The Door, Chad - Creepy Uncle Sam

WARNING! VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK! optout.org is the source of this video and may or may not be funded by the Koch brothers. Ahhhhhhh! Scary stuff I know!


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Very good!... :)

Stroaking my own Halloweenie


optout.org... Any thoughts?

Koch bros production?

I'm betting it's a trick to sell insurance

If millions of people would rather not have "obamacare", it seems like a pretty easy thing to trick people into buying aca compliant policies and pass it off as somehow beating the system.
Oh, and yessiree it's a Koch thing for sure.

Interesting. Thanks

At least I sort of know the source. LOL. IMO everything we are "allowed" to view is bought and paid for by someone... with an agenda.

Happy Halloween DP!

Be safe and have fun!