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Walgreens not honoring gift cards, called the police when I tried to use them!

I buy gift cards from the online 3rd party resellers, and have for years.

I am currently insured under a high-deductible health insurance plan. I have ~ $300/month in prescription costs that I end up paying up front. Since Walgreens allows the use of gift cards for prescriptions, I stock up on Walgreens cards when they are on sale to pay for my prescriptions.

Last month when I picked up my prescription, I was given the 3rd degree by the cashier. Questions such as "Where did you get these gift cards? Why do you have so many gift cards?" etc.

A week later, I got a phone call from a "Fraud Investigator" from Walgreens asking the same questions.

A few days ago, I went to pick up another prescription. When I tried to pay for them with gift cards, I was told that they would not accept any gift cards from me. When I asked why, the cashier said that the manager would have to explain. Apparently, there was no manager in the store as they put me on the phone with a manager from another store down the road? He states that they were concerned with fraud, and asked me the amount of the gift cards I had and what they looked like. Afterwards, he said that they would be accepted and asked to speak to the clerk again. The clerk then hung up the phone, and while they were supposedly filling my prescriptions instead the police show up to question me on the gift cards as well, and then to escort me out of the store.

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Not surprised to see comments here better than OP

but surprised nobody has brought this down to contract law. Are you folks telling me there's no limitation of transfer in the fine print when you buy one of these cards? That would seem to be the first thing at hand.

However, if given as a GIFT, and the recipient has no idea a contract exists, per law there is no contract. So Walgreens basically got themselves in this pickle. We note that OP didn't get arrested or charged and it would have been disastrous for them to press anything.

We are left with our usual dissipation into "ethical" arguments. But people regift things and sell things at garage sales. Some people are expert garage salers and they can furnish a whole house for pennies on the dollar. Does that make them frauds? Some of them resell these objects. Same question. I'm really not seeing any major ethically defensible grounds for Walgreens here.

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Easy answer = Go Somewhere Else

Perhaps your 3rd party re-seller is the problem and is selling stolen or otherwise illegal cards???

But the bottom line is if the hassle you're getting isn't worth the savings you're getting with these discounted cards go somewhere else.

They're not honoring

expired sale tags left on the shelf either.


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I was a manager for Walgreens

I was a manager for Walgreens for quite a while. There are parts of the story that are either omitted, stretched, or false.

1.) There is ALWAYS a manager in the store. ALWAYS, barring a fire, volcano, or other act of God.

2.) The gift cards were suspect of fraud because people were defrauding the coupon system for free gift cards. Thats why they went to rewards because mega-extreme couponers were stealing from the stores.

If someone had money to "buy" gift cards online, they should buy them in store...or use your cash at the damn register.

What you omitted!

My daughter is an avid coupon-er! Of ALL the stores she acquired coupons for, only Walgreens refused to accept them!

My daughter is a very persistent women (like her dad), and refused to allow the sore manager to CHEAT her out of the discounts (coupons) she had legally acquired. The store manager LIED through his teeth, to get her to go away, and that pissed her off.

She went home and put together a documented file of the sites she acquired the coupons from, Walgreens coupon policy of acceptance, and other documents showing Walgreens legal requirements to redeem the coupons.

She went back to Walgreens and presented her documentation (far more time spent than her coupons were worth). The manager continued his attempts to lie to her. But my daughter is no one to push around when she knows she right. The manager eventually relented and honored the coupons.

Needless to say, after this incident my daughter has refused to patronize Walgreens! I can assure you 'customer bad press' can be very damaging to any company.

I'm sure there a thousands of stories just like this one out there!

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Send a letter to Walgreens about the manager

Kudos to your daughter standing up for herself and not letting lies fly. I think it's a great story.. tell Walmart Inc.

Reply Fail

Ok, lets ignore everything else in the post, which you seem to have already done, and focus on your last statement.

"If someone had money to "buy" gift cards online, they should buy them in store...or use your cash at the damn register."

Do you know why people like the poster and me buy giftcards online? Because they are CHEAPER. You go to a trading site, or ebay, or whatever and buy cards people don't want on the cheap. Who are you to tell us how and where to spend our money? Why should we pay more for something we can get cheaper? You sound like a damned shill.

I understand you're going to get

them cheaper online and even get them legitimately at times. But the more you buy and the less you know about who you are purchasing them from increases your chances of getting one that's stolen or otherwise fraudulent. It's a gamble on being cheated and the cheat is between the seller and you when the gamble inevitably comes up lemons. It's not Walgreen's' fault if that happens.

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Ah, so blame the victim

I see where you're going. I still have zero sympathy for Walgreens or any other retailer who offers gift cards. You never, EVER treat a customer like a thief if you don't have solid proof. Hint : Using lots of gift cards is not proof.

Next time, bring a friend along ...

... because when they say they are "concerned with fraud" and they refuse to do business with you for THAT reason, they ARE accusing you of committing fraud.

In doing so, they are accusing you of committing a crime and, when done in the presence of others, they are defaming your character.

At that point, you let them know that either they do business with you as they do with everyone else, or they are falsely accusing you of a crime, for which you can (and WILL) seek legal recourse. If they still refuse, then sue them. Sue the company, the cashier, the manager, and John Doe #1-99 (the corporate executives who implemented a policy to defame you). Defamation is a tort, and employees of corporations do not get immunity from torts. They will probably settle out of court because they won't want this to go down as a precedent.

People can't go around accusing people of committing crimes for no reason.


what a predicament.

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