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Corporations Pour $M into Defeating Washington GMO Labeling Bill

Food giants pour millions into defeating Washington GMO label measure
By Eric M. Johnson and Carey Gillam 10-30-2013

SEATTLE/KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct 29 (Reuters) - Major U.S. food and chemical companies are pouring millions of dollars into efforts to block approval of a ballot initiative in Washington state that would make it the first in the United States to require labeling of foods containing genetically modified crops.

Despite early strong support for the measure, a recent poll suggests sentiment against the measure, known as I-522, is growing amid an onslaught of corporate-financed advertising ahead of the Nov. 5 referendum. Voters will decide whether many common grocery items containing ingredients from genetically altered crops should be labeled as such.
A consortium that includes General Mills, Nestle USA , PepsiCo, Monsanto,, DuPont and other corporate giants, are the key contributors to the nearly $22 million raised to campaign against the bill.

Monsanto, the world's largest seed company and top developer of biotech crops, has put in nearly $5.4 million to fight the labeling measure, including $540,000 added on Monday.

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SteveMT's picture

The labeling of products as "non-GMO" is allowed.

I've bought a few items that have printed on the label "No GMO." Doesn't this voluntary labeling strategy do essentially the same thing as the mandatory bill would require to be done?


What are they concerned about?

Who reads labels anyway?



Funny how "they" always complain about re-labeling costs. How many times have "they" updated or changed labels on products since this all started?... isn't the truth, informed people won't buy?.. Maybe even some of the EBT users herded into buying this stuff?