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Ron Paul doesn't know what happened, but I do.

In a recent interview with Ben Swann, Dr. Ron Paul was asked, "Has it surprised you at all to see the kind of growth we've see [in the liberty movement] in the last few years?" to which he answered, "It sure has, because I've been doing the same thing for thirty-some years, but something did happen between five and six years ago."

After all of his consistency and accuracy, even about the timing of events, Ron Paul got one wrong. What happened was at least a couple decades ago, and it's exactly what he's doing now; a seed was planted.

My grandfather recently passed away, and in an unusual breach of protocol, a portion of his half-century-long code-cracking record at the NSA was declassified for his obituary. He died thinking that Edward Snowden needed to be assassinated, that crack is a terrible drug that needs to be illegal, and that the war in Iraq was fought for good reasons.

I tell you, HE was the reason we have the explosion in the liberty movement that we see today. John McCain may inspire some people to run for office, almost as a fight tease. My grandfather Glenn Fishbeck is heavily responsible for the libertarian explosion, an explosion he would probably find unruly and misguided today.

You see, in the 1980's, Glenn gave surprisingly large campaign donations to Ron Paul's campaign, seeing a good seed and watering it. He also called radio and TV stations to encourage them to include a third party in their discussions and debates, which happened. He pushed for ballot access, and his own daughter (my mother) worked with William Redpath to set amazing ballot access petition records, placing Ron Paul on the Presidential ballot across the country. In addition to the typical ways one helps a political campaign, Glenn even had Ron stay at his house to save on a hotel room. Ron wasn't a rock star by any stretch at the time, but my grandfather saw in him the seeds of a strong tree.

My grandfather's family is rather large, and he treated me a bit differently than others. He made a few personal investments into my business, which is just now starting to grow strong, despite every economic obstacle. He saw in me the seed of a good business, and it was only in his last days that I realized that.

From his sense of humor to his recollection of names, dates, and events even 80 years prior, his mind was still razor sharp!

The last thing I asked him was if he knew what the "Ron Paul Revolution" was. He answered in a labored gasp, "Of course I do." I told him, "You should know that you did that, and by watering the seed of liberty, a whole army of people will be fighting to save the world." He said, and these were his last words, "I've been in the same position you are, and I understand exactly what you are saying to me." Those around him mistook what I said, thinking I was commending him for "making the world a bit better." I was adamant, "He didn't make the world any better. That's impossible. I said that he was working to save it."

The seed he watered is a plant that didn't produce its first blossoms until the end of his journey. I don't imagine that the one who inspired him so long ago had any idea either. I'm blessed to know that the truth I spread today will survive me.

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No, probably not

And thank you. It's odd, and I still try to figure out what happened. He was fiercely libertarian in the 1980's, and he gave me much of what I consider to be my "Ron Paul Streak", but it seems like he always had one or another complaint about him. I don't mean any blasphemy, so I hope nobody takes offense at my comparison, but it's like when my Jewish friends talk about Jesus, and they're desperately looking for some flaw with him, when they're willing to completely overlook the evil murderous years of reign of US Presidents.

Maybe he was just trying to be the acid with which to test Dr. Paul.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

I'm sorry for your loss...

Sure it will be deeply felt.

My 90-something in-laws were Ron Paul supporters in the 80's as well. In our county's 2007 caucus a (then) 85 year old man I highly respect spoke for Dr Paul.

That is the generation that knows the most about freedom IMO, and most recognize how much has been lost..

There are heroes among us

As Adam Kokesh put it, we are fortunate to live in such exciting times.

Thank you. We lost him in the end of this summer, but it's taking time for my brain to realize it.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

Amen to that!

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks go to you!

It's an honor knowing that it has been read.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.