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Can I request a political cartoon?

I have zero graphical artistic ability. I want to draw a political cartoon, but what would take a novice sketcher a minute would take me days. I'll just tell the Daily Paul community what's in my head, and if someone wants to run with it, then please feel free.

I imagine a well-dressed big-brother-figure, like a stereotypical FBI agent, tightening thumb-screw torture devices on an average American Joe Schmoe, who is sitting in a rickety-looking chair that one might imagine people get strapped to in overseas torture camps. The chair might have straps and stuff on it, but Joe is simply sitting in the chair, positioned as if he's restrained but with nothing actually holding him down. The official guy is tightening the thumb screw while Joe shows obvious agony at the torture. However, on Joe's hip, next to his completely unrestrained hand, is his holstered pistol, showing that there's no reason he should let this continue.

Anyway, just a thought.

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Another one: Oblivious of risk

A friend of mine once chided me for supposing that my ordinary job represented "security" compared to the risks of starting a business of my own. He said, "you aren't just standing on the edge of the cliff, you are leaning out into the wind!" - meaning that I was apparently unaware of how much risk I was taking.

I have long thought this is a great metaphor for the way seemingly everyone feels so secure in our economic situation, not noticing how it all depends on the inflationary winds of the FED.

I'm sure it translates to other "risk blindness" as well. If somebody wants to try to capture the concept in a drawing, I'd like to see it.

I'm voting for Peace.

Your visual was enough for me -

Saw the whole thing in my head pretty clearly. Thanks. If nobody else does it for you, let me know.

No bites so far

And it wouldn't be for me per se. If you feel so encouraged and motivated, run with it! (-: Comic ideas are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately it seems that many of us liberty nerds lack graphical talent, hehe

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

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I like it but unfortunately I

I like it but unfortunately I can't draw either :)

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