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Halloween for Gunnies: Kirsten Joy Weiss, the .17HMR plinkin' Arachnida! Oh My!

A Gun, a Spider, and a Twist Ending - Spooky Shooting - Fun Shot - Kirsten Joy Weiss

Kirsten Joy Weiss
Published on Oct 31, 2013


What are Sharp Shots? http://kirstenjoyweiss.com/sharp-shots/

A gun, a spider, and....a twist ending... This is a zany, tongue in cheek video just to say: Happy Halloween Sharp Shots!

Try getting proper cheek weld in a sequined mask! No easy task... but a good time none-the-less. Oh! And to the daring guys out there who wanted to don Yoga pants for their next range adventure due to some of my previous shots (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa_Ut_rH6-U) all I ask is that you don't add a sequined mask at the same time. The world is not ready for that kind of flair. ;)

This shot is approx. 30 yards with a Marlin .17 HMR, the target spiders body is about the size of a quarter. Its a fun shot and I also enjoyed, um, spending time with Arachnida and her sweet buzzing friend...


*Any attempts at similar tricks are at your own risk

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