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10/30/13 Peter Schiff: Fed getting ready to increase QE and here’s why…

Video first released on 10/30/13

To watch the interview go here: http://marketsanity.com/schiff-fed-to-increase-qe/

Taper, Taper, Taper! It seems all we’ve heard during 2013 is that the Fed will scale back its asset purchases sooner rather than later. First it was September 2013, now it’s December 2013, or maybe it’s March 2014 (I can’t keep track anymore). It should come to no surprise to his fans that Peter Schiff disagrees with this widely held belief. In fact, Peter has been suggesting for a few months now that the Fed will do the unthinkable: increase QE.

Peter was recently interviewed by Larry Kudlow on CNBC and had this to say: “When you go back to this Fed statement – the Fed doesn’t mention taper. It says ‘adjust monetary policy.’ Adjustment doesn’t imply a direction. I think what the Fed is getting ready to do is increase the amount of QE, not diminish it.”

Clearly Mr. Schiff is not as optimistic as the mainstream media when it comes to U.S. data improving anytime soon. In fact, he has been screaming to the world for years that the Fed’s stimulus will not create a lasting economic recovery, believing that the Keynesian approach to jump-start an economy by increasing debt and spending has never worked long-term in the history of the world.

Continue watching the interview to see what Peter thinks about inflation and its effects on the economy.

To watch the interview go here: http://marketsanity.com/schiff-fed-to-increase-qe/

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a nice surprise

a nice surprise to hear people agreeing with Peter Schiff.... not to mention MSM talkingheads being skeptical about the Fed.


Schiff is correct

"The economy is worse now than when QE1 was initiated."


is trapped. And by extention, so is the US Economy.