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Flordia Sheriff Found Not Guilty

This morning, it didn't take the jury long to find Sheriff Finch NOT GUILTY on ALL charges! This is a victory beyond huge!
My favorite part is this:
During the trial, the sheriff testified that he released Floyd Eugene Parrish, who was arrested for unlawfully carrying a firearm, because he believed the Second Amendment trumped all state gun laws.


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I want to see a great big fat

I want to see a great big fat civil suit against the Governor of Florida personally from Finch. Tear him a new one!

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

I left his office a message of thanks.

If anybody wants to call and let him know you appreciate his stand for the Constitution, his number is 850-643-5615.

No email yet (ha ha), guess he's got a small office and does things the old-fashioned way using phone and snail mail.

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I was a little depressed at viewing the update video in the original trial day post, regarding comments on how the trial proceeded. This is great news, and thanks for the update!

Great news!

Let your Sheriff know about this too! Great opportunity to bring up Sheriff Mack and get them some of his books in their hands from CSPOA.org

Good news, much needed!

Is there impetus to go after those levying false accusations, etc.?

What would the Founders do?

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Thank you for posting, netzorro!


This is great!

BUT, in my experience, MOST people go to jail because they're broke, and just go under the bus with everybody else. While an honorable act in the name of the Constitution, MOST government "employees" consider the Constitution a hindrance.

I remember CNN did a story on

I remember CNN did a story on this a while back. I wonder if they'll cover the final verdict tonight?

thinking the same thing

The reason CNN covered the original story was probably to scare other Sheriff's into doing the same thing. Now with a not guilty verdict I would expect CNN to turn there back.
If anyone would cover it you would think FOX news would but I dought that either since they are controlled opposition. You could give it a try though, give Glenn Beck a call!

for those interested: Sheriff Finch interviewed by AJ, Today:

Sheriff Richard Mack Updates Constitutional Sheriff Nick Finch's Persecution Prosecution; Patriot Jury: NOT Guilty!

NOT GUILTY! Yup, precisely because of AJ listeners and Sheriff Mack's support network nexus, the very 1st interview the Sheriff decided to do, was on the Alex Jones show!

Sheriff Nick Finch interview segment airs around 1H47m mark:

Alex Jones Show: Thursday (10-31-13) Sheriff Nick Finch & Derek Khanna

Published on Oct 31, 2013

On the Thursday, October 31 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex continues to confront headstrong the lies propping up what many believe to be much scarier than Halloween: Obamacare, also known as "the latest great American wealth transfer swindle."

Alex will also discuss the Texas General Land Office's response to an Infowars report pointing out that the shrine of Texas liberty, the Alamo, was in line to become a United Nations World Heritage site.

Alex also analyzes China's mobilization of a surveillance ship to Hawaiian waters, the fact that investigative journalist Wayne Madsen predicted that the NSA spying on the Pope would be the next big revelation, and the DHS's solicitation of "riot expansion kits" and 240,000 pepper spray projectiles to quell domestic unrest.

On today's show, Alex welcomes political commentator and columnist Derek Khanna to discuss ways to get around the surveillance state.




UPDATE 1: NOT GUILTY on ALL Accounts!!! True Justice served, finally!

Not Guilty Verdict For Former Liberty County Sheriff Accused Of Misconduct

By: Lanetra Bennett, Emily Johnson Email
Updated: Thu 1:10 PM, Oct 31, 2013

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Suspended Sherif Nick Finch Found Not Guilty

Updated: Thu 12:04 PM, Oct 31, 2013

BRISTOL - The jury finds suspended Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch not guilty on both counts.

Finch was accused of releasing a man who was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and then destroying the arrest records.

It took the jury less than 90 minutes to reach the verdict.


Now the question becomes when will finch get his badge and gun back? We have calls into Governor Rick Scott's office to find out when the Governor plans to reinstate him.

Sheriff Arrested, Charged After Defending Second Amendment Found Not Guilty

October 31, 2013

Nick Finch, the Florida sheriff arrested in June after he defended the Second Amendment, has been declared “not guilty” of the charges brought against him.

The former Liberty Co. sheriff was charged with “official misconduct,” a third-degree felony in Florida, after he removed the arrest file of a suspect held on an unconstitutional gun charge but later released.

Story is developing.

This article was posted: Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 12:02 pm


Pro-Gun Sheriff Found Not Guilty
Jury nullifies false arrest of Nick Finch who supported Second Amendment

October 31, 2013

Sheriff Nick Finch (Facebook Photo)

Nick Finch, the Florida sheriff arrested in June after he defended the Second Amendment, has been declared “not guilty” of the charges brought against him, according to Richard Mack.

The Liberty Co. sheriff was charged with felony “official misconduct” and “falsifying public records” after he removed the arrest file of a suspect held on an unconstitutional gun charge but later released on his orders.

After closing arguments by prosecutors and the defense, the jury took less than 90 minutes to reach its verdict.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

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Governor - that would be poetic justice!

Draft him now!


see that coppers?

do right by the people, the people have your backs.
get on the right side of history.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Best Uplifting News

I've heard all day. Wahoo!!!

now the state prosicuter that brought up false charges

Need to jail and prosicute those who brought this case against him.

That Judge also needs to be removed from his big shot seat and black robe fat cat position.


why the judge

it sounds like the system worked here, I'm not following why you think the judge is the problem...do you know something about the case history that makes you thunk that?

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People that live near there need to show up and congratulate him

and shake his hand for being a true representative of the people.

great news

thanks to the Jury for following the Constitution and let's see if we can't get this Sheriff to run for Gov of FL


maker - bout dam time some sense was unearthed