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I am a NH native.

I left NH because of the property taxes, and I actually love sunny days. Wyoming is my home now and is much freer than NH, and actually affordable. NONE of my 3 vehicles would pass inspection in NH, and that is when I bought them, much less now. I miss my family there, but they seem to like the sun too, and visit me here. Funny, that Wyoming and NH were the choices for the free state project, and I believe Wyoming is also a Freestate but NH is the one decided on officially. The Macintosh apples are great, and the maple syrup can't be beat, and it is hard to find extra sharp cheddar cheese anywhere else as tasty, but that is all I can come up with for being better than Wyoming. The zoning in the small towns I lived in, drove us out, as we were not well off, in NH. Here in Wyoming, we didn't even need a building permit and could build as we could afford it. Difference in taxes? We pay $630 a year for 40 gorgeous acres with a view and two houses on it. In NH it would be close to $9000 a year.

NH is the least expensive

NH is the least expensive state to own a car in. Thank God for NH and the inexpensiveness of owning a car compared to states like WY! My registration in less in NH than in the South. Plus, there is no sales tax, the gas tax is less, the roads are much better and insurance isn't even required, unlike every other state.



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"NONE of my 3 vehicles would pass inspection in NH, and that is when I bought them, much less now. "

My experience has been different. How long ago was this?

Obviously I don't know what vehicles you own(ed), but as someone who regularly buys and sells cars in NH, I've never had a problem getting one passed, even the shitboxes. But then again, maybe it seems that much more lax only in comparison to Mass.

Property taxes are a drawback in most parts of the state, I can agree there. Except if you decide to live way up north, like in Berlin or something. Hey, $16-25k for a 2 bedroom house in decent condition, why not? Even I'm tempted to grab something up there...just in case. ;)

Wyoming seems like a place I could both enjoy and settle down in, unfortunately my travels have never kept me there for long...

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Free State Project is the driver...

The FSP works to grow a libertarian presence in New Hampshire. It's a very well represented government with minimal money and, with libertarian voices, one of the few that reduces what it says, does, & regulates.

There are 2 houses in the state legislature; the lower house has 400 representatives (an average of 3,300 citizens per representative) & the upper house has 24 senators.

The executive branch is also unique. There is the governor & a 5-member executive council, who are also elected and are a direct check on the governor's powers.

Finally, it's one of the few places in the northeast that has resisted the progressive tides. Gun laws are essentially nonexistent. Alternative weapons are much the same. Taxes are minimal. (nothing on income; nothing on general purposes; a tax does exist on restaurant meals; property taxes do exist as well...)

About the only oddity to me is that the liquor stores are in the ABC format. Beer & wine are available in grocery stores, but liquor and spirits are only sold through contracted vendors (who bid on the contract to sell spirits). As a result, liquor prices are lower since taxes are minimal. I'd personally say that area is the next that needs deconstructing: keep the taxes low but allow independent liquor stores.

As for the executive branch,

As for the executive branch, NH is 1 of 2 states that elects the governor every 2 years. Senators are also elected every 2 years. NH has not only the best representation, it has the highest turnover and incumbents are least likely to be reelected in NH.

I only know of 3 private liquor stores in NH but yes, it is 1 of 18 alcohol control states. Though, everyone agrees NH does it better than the other 17 states as NH has the least expensive liquor in the US.

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voluntary for adults. No MC helmet laws.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

It isn't New Jersey?


Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

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Thats not fair

That can apply to so many other places as well...

I made/making the move ...

My town has no zoning ... the government is 3 people ... Police Department hours are 4-8pm on Tuesday. Close to cities but far enough away so the Zombies can't find me. Putting in a farm ... Maybe someday I will share some pictures.

The Skiing is also very close.

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Perspective from the Granite State

Property taxes vary from town to town. We pay a rate of $19/ $1000 of assessed value. The town right next to us pays 25, while another pays 12. It varies based on school budget (the bulk of property taxes), population density and value of properties.
Most of the smaller towns are still directly governed. You can get a petitioned warrant article to be voted on by all residents on town meeting day. Small town, direct democracy.
The entire northern half of the state voted for Dr. Paul in the primaries.
Our town voted Dr. Paul in the primaries. We don't have a police dept. While trick or treating tonight, a friend reminded me that it was 2 years ago we started a home school group. Tonight we decided a militia is next.
The SE part of NH is like Bostons bedroom. I very rarely go there. I go deep sea fishing two hours from my house. We go skiing in the winter. I freely debate my democrat friends, and they always agree that we here like to do what we want to do and not have anyone else tell us otherwise!

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The girl I know and work with

The girl I know and work with is from Merrimack? NH. She seems to come from a wealthy or at least upper middle class family and is uber liberal. Talks real loud and over you and real fast. Aggressive personality.

Merrimack is a conservative

Merrimack is a conservative Republican community full of middle class and wealthy folks. And of course, some liberals like the lady you mentioned. It is right b/t Manchester and Nashua and his the perhaps the best outlet mall in New England.

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Her liberalism might be from

Her liberalism might be from college brainwashing (I hope) Thats the case with most college students.

Bostons bedroom

I know several people who moved up here from down south. Some specifically because of the free state project, others to for work. I would guess the state is 40% DEM, 40% GOP and 20% INDY's. I like to remember that anywhere east of the Mississippi river (except for a few places in ME,NY state and down south) you are less than gas tank away from a major population center. I'm from MT, if all of NH looked like Merrimack I NEVER would have moved here.
Right in our town of 900 I can buy sawn lumber, beef, pork, milk, butter, veggies, maple, lamb, buffalo, go trout fishing, hunt (deer, bear, moose, turkey), get my computer fixed, car fixed, pick stone out of a quarry, go to plays, live music, cookouts, pig roasts, four wheel trails, horses, a donkey rescue farm, hay, logging, blueberry farm, apple orchard, boating, and much more.
A modest house (130,000 value) you will pay $2000-2500/ year in taxes.

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Makes sense now. When I first

Makes sense now. When I first met her and saw she was from NH, I thought she would be libertarian. I was wrong!

No income taxes or state sales tax but.....

they have high property taxes which I think is one of the most evil taxes.Pay it or your property is seized.Hardly living free unless you live in a RV or small shack in the mountains.

I know, you have to be rich

I know, you have to be rich to live there. They are the wealthiest state.

NH has the least poverty but

NH has the least poverty but wealthy doesn't describe it. People rent rooms in houses for $150 to $200 a month. Condos start at around $50,000 and even in the biggest city, some houses sell for $70,000. In the poor areas like Berlin, you can get a 4 unit building for under $70,000.

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The Free State Project


When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Couldn't they choose a more

Couldn't they choose a more affordable place to create a libertarian state? It would make more sense to choose a low-income state for people to colonize, would attract the average/low-income libertarian. How could people in the South afford to live in New Hampshire?

NH is the most affordable

NH is the most affordable state in the Northeast. People rent out rooms for $150 a month and houses, even in the largest city, are sometimes sold for under $70,000. No income tax. No sales tax. The least expensive state to own a car in.

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I'm sure it's cheap compared

I'm sure it's cheap compared to living in Manhattan or Martha' Vineyard, but still more expensive than the rest of the U. S., particulary the South. I grew up in Tennessee, and we have the lowest if not the lowest cost of living. It's dirt cheap especially for someone who would come from the Northeast or West Coast. I live in Central Florida now, and the wages here really suck. Only service based jobs here that pay barely above minimum wage, but what keeps me is the benefits, which are hard to get these days. If I could find a high paying job that would fight the high property tax in New Hampshire, as someone on here before mentioned, I would move there. Here in Florida, you are lucky to find a job that has benefits and over minimum wage.

Is southern New Hampshire

Is southern New Hampshire real liberal? Reason I asked was because I met one girl from there and she is an ultra liberal Obama supporter.

Some of it. 1 of the most

Some of it. 1 of the most conservative parts of NH in the towns in southeastern NH on the NH/MA border. The college towns and the towns near the college towns, much of southwestern NH and some of the cities are the center of liberalism in NH.

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D'Ya Know What NHers Call Massachusetts Folk?

"MASS-Holes" LOL!
"Granny" told me that years ago...she was 84years old then, and lived in Wolfeboro.

Guess the old-timers have had it with the Bostonian transplants.
Same thing happened in Vermont; buncha' retired NYC schoolteachers turned that state upside down.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!