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Where is the outrage for this?

The first 2 lines of the URL below mention how Obama says surveillance on foreign governments and of the IMF and World Bank went too far and so he's scaling it back. Spying on big powerful entities gets an immediate scale-back while spying on citizens all around the world just rolls on as if Snowden never blew the whistle. I'm still waiting for that discussion on government spying that Obama said he welcomed. "When was that scheduled for again?"


US admits surveillance on foreign governments ‘reached too far’ (FT)

He must be so proud: Obama halted NSA spying on IMF and World Bank headquarters (RTRS)

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Good grief.


What would the Founders do?

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These freaks are utterly non sensical, illegitimate, now.

These freaks are utterly non sensical, illegitimate, now.

Still, also insulting our intelligence louder than ever. As the unashamed thugs they are.

I wish I can see the day when them traitors get THE ROPE they deserve.

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