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When Should You Shoot The Mailman?

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Should have placed it in "Humor"

He was trying to make an

He was trying to make an idiotic joke of Larken Rose' "When Should You Shoot a Cop?"


Yes I am aware but why would

Yes I am aware but why would you call it idiotic?

The mail man is just the deliverer of bad news.

It's not the deliverer that is the problem, it is the enforcers. When you can't kill the head then you must start at the limbs and work your way up. This octopus has many limbs that need to be hacked before we can kill the head.

Unfortunately those tentacles are held blameless in the eyes of those who they squeeze at the heads commands and though many people talk of how chopping off the head would help or be a good thing, the idea of chopping off the the tentacles that are used to empower the head is seen as unacceptable.

Thus we are destined to continue in our subservience to the head or suffer the threat of being caught in the tentacles grasp.



Okay I get it but this is

Way over the top. The question should be when should we shoot the Nazi Republicans and Commie Democrats that VIOLATE the Rule of Law? When should we shoot the people that vote for these scumbags?

Oh how lucky we are to have

Oh how lucky we are to have you to tell us what are questions should be.