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Felony Friday: FL Sheriff Vindicated For His Defense Of The Second Amendment

Do you have the right to carry a firearm and use it in self-defense?

Americans like to believe that they live in a free society, but in many urban areas around the United States individuals do not have the right to even own a firearm. Almost anywhere you travel in the country, if you want to legally carry a concealed gun, then the State requires that you gain their permission as a prerequisite.

Unless permission to carry a firearm is granted by local bureaucrats, an individual is not authorized by the State to defend themselves with a firearm. This is insanity and it directly infringes upon the Second Amendment.

Why should a bureaucrat get to determine if you are allowed to defend your life?

Fortunately, in the state of Florida, the Second Amendment received a ringing endorsement from a local sheriff.

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It is sad that it has even come to that.

But it is GREAT news nonetheless!