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Asking dailypaul traders, short term stock advice?

I have several long term investments including gold and silver and foreign stocks but I'm looking to have some fun with some "play money". If you were to make some short term investments where would the market knowledgeable dailpaul stock trader put his money? What tips would you suggest? Rules of thumb? Most of my investments have been solid, a few have been stellar but I know we have plenty of expertise here that can guide the average investor to be better at playing the short terms fluctuations. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Interesting topic, short term investing

Good post, thanks

Short term stock advise

i shoul preface this with over 22 years of investment planning and advising experience.

Best short term stock advise: Do not enter into crooked deals. The stock, bond, and all FRN and Rothschild central bank curencies and markets are there only to steal from those investors who are not part of the inside scam.

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It's not complicated: The

It's not complicated: The best way to make money is to buy an incredible business at a great price. If you'd have put 10k into Apple in 2003 you'd have a half a million dollars now... Apple's 10yr average return for the last decade is somewhere around 40% per year, 40% means (compounding) you double your money roughly every 2 years.

Interestingly most people with investments have probably actually held apple for the last decade... but the problem its returns have been severely muted because it has been held within a mutual fund. The average mutual fund has around 140 businesses. Which means even if a business doubles in size every year its impact on your overall portfolio is very limited. If that wasn't bad enough, any business that over-performs and begins to occupy too great a percentage of the portfolio is cut down in size (partially sold) and the funds redistributed into lesser performing businesses, which is like benching Michael Jordan for making too many shots. If they would have just invested a meaningful amount into that impressive business (apple) and let the earnings compound they would have hit over 40% annual average over the past decade. And there are dozens of other well-known impressive businesses that have had distinctly identifiable competitive edges that have resulted in decade long periods of over 20% returns. Investing in hyper-diversified mutual funds (the way most people are invested) has severely curtailed the gains people have experienced even while owning incredible businesses.
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Short term speculation.

Look for liquidity and trading costs. I've used futures, options on futures and ETF options. I'm not interested in tracking through hundreds of 10K's and 10Q's to possibly find one company to buy or sell short. Lately, I've been selling options spreads on on the largest ETF's (Time is on my side).

FOREX is another possibility, but I know very little about it.

not short-term... but

Shipping sector looks pretty interesting on the premise that the overcapacity in certain segments will be mitigated by an upturn in demand and retirement of old vessels. STNG looks cheap, as does DRYS on weakness.
In the next 3-5 years, the US will beef up its domestic infrastructure to gather and export nat gas... with the rise of advanced extraction techniques in the US shale plays, the price of nat gas in the US has plummeted to a third/half of international prices. You can get exposure to this through owners of LNG tankers (look GLOG), but there is also an emerging technology that allows liquefication of nat gas at the well (look at GLNG) that could revolutionize the market.
A sharp rebound in gold prices would make you a killing in JAGGF, although without such an improvement, you will lose all of your money.
Some other companies that look fairly cheap are US Air (LCC), Cabela's (CAB).
I think Ubisoft is not a bad dice roll on the basis of the Watch Dogs franchise that is coming out with the new generation of gaming consoles. Look up the preview; pretty amazing gameplay and features that combine online gameplay with the actual story board (ie, other players can influence your story and vice versa). Very creepy plot, obviously.

Of course, you should not invest anything in any of these companies that you are not willing to lose. Good luck.

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Why spend hundreds of hours

Why spend hundreds of hours picking stocks when you can trade indexes every day and PROFIT?
By the time you pick stocks they're already moving.
Indexes represent groups of stocks so you move with the general market direction.
But if you like picking stocks fine. I know people who have taken $50,000 and turned it into a $750,000 account portfolio over 15 years.
My late father-in-law, a retired coal miner did it for my wife. He worked everyday, reading news papers and watching business shows (no computer) but he did it. His wife @ 90 years old is still living very comfortably on the portfolio he left her.

Too Late Now

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I have drifted away from established ....

publicly traded equities.

Start thinking ...


The publicly traded exchanges is where the printed easing is showing up.
Way overvalued.

Plus there is a personal connection and a non capital investment in these types of investments that brings reward and enjoyment like no other investment can do.

God Bless.

You Look For VALUE !

Companies that produce a product or products that keep value, AND at some point payout dividends to common share holders, from profits made, would be my choices.


Where: Energy sector When:

Where: Energy sector
When: Yesterday

Many IOCs are developing reserves off of Africa and East Asia. Stateside independent operators (Anadarko, Apache) are seeing good revenue return on shale plays as well as engineering firms (Mustang-WoodGroup, OneSubSea-Cameron).

Southern Agrarian