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First time Israel bombs somebody and nobody really cares.

On 10/31/2013, a handful of news outlets reported that Israel was first suspected and later confirmed to have bombed an airbase in Syria.

I caught the report on Business Insider and sought confirmation. They had found a breaking story.

Syrian sources said the attack came from sea but Lebanese security reported Israeli warplanes flying through the area towards Syria.

The strike, which is reported to have caused zero deaths, was directed at an airbase said to house antiaircraft missiles. And interesting target given their defensive role to Syria and their relative non-threat to nations outside of it. Unless that is if Al-Queda gets a hold of them which is the guaranteed outcome of the fall of the Assad regime.

Another note is these munitions are almost guaranteed to be of Russian origin and nobody really wants to find out what they can do using their own airplanes. Not the latest and greatest ones. Less recently Israel hit a load of "game changing munitions" that Al-Queda was transporting in Syria. The range of options on what those might have been are endless but Russian (and Chinese) antiaircraft and surface to surface (anti-ship) weapons have been on everybody's mind for a while now.

It seems in the Israeli and US REGIMES best interests to contain Syria and let Assad and Al-Queda burn themselves out against each other then strike a deal with a weakened victor. Al Queda might have regional ambitions but somebody is gonna want to sit atop Syria and from the second they take the pillow they are gonna wanna stay put and control it.

Regardless of the fact that this continuation firmly establishes that Israel is presently at war against Syria, the world has accepted this as business as usual. And Business Insider pulled it from front page in about 15 minutes.

It wasn't really insider information anymore. Their traffic analysis software also makes it easy for them to see when nobody really cares.

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Yeah all that with stolen

Yeah all that with stolen money by the Rothschilds.

that's like

making rothchild out to be a robin hood.

Israel Did A Variation On Sheldon Addelson's Recommendation

What if Iran had done something similar to Israel?

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard