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How Do You Explain

Yesterday I had the privledge of meeting one of my *local newspaper reporters.

First thing I asked him was, "Have you guys reported on Agenda 21 or Obombyacare yet?"

He replied, in true liberal fashion, immediately yelling:

"I'm NOT A CONSPIRACY THERORIST!" I DON'T BELIEVE IN BULL SHIT CONSPIRACY THERORIES! THE U.N. HAS NO POWER!...... Now if you wanna talk about DHS buying up billions of rounds of ammo, or NSA spying, THAT IS REAL!"

Seems that everyone has their conspiracy theroy, even those that label themselves *"non-conspiracy therorist." Can't have that *"conspiracy therorist" stigma now, can we?

I informed him that Agenda 21 is real..... Very REAL, I've been on it for what seems at least 15 years, etc.

Anyway, this brings me to THIS: "What is the best and SHORTEST way you have found to explain Agenda 21 ?"

I feel this question to be significant NOT because there is no information out there to explain it, BUT because there is such an over abundance to sift through and that is what makes it so hard to define.

So it is for that reason I ask the question. Write your own technique or give a link to your source, if you well.


To sum up it seems as though:

*Many of the liberal-minded people view "Agenda 21 & Obombyacare" as right wing topics, thus, these topics wear the badge of being "crazy conspiracy therories" and should NOT be talked about!!! Whereas DHS bullet buy ups and NSA spying are "approved" left wing conspiracies and are officially cool to talk about and there is no yelling needed.....

*"conspiracy therorist" stigma: I guess those shoes are, for some, just to large to wear.

*Please don't ask name of reporter or paper because that is not really the issue and as of right now I am trying to give them some insight on some subjects.

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"What is the best and SHORTEST ..."

"What is the best and SHORTEST way you have found to explain Agenda 21 ?"

Local laws are being written by foreign powers who may not have our best interest at heart.

Watching Rosa Koire's video

Watching Rosa Koire's video is very enlightening. If your community has a plan with catch words, e.g.vision, sustainability, as she names in her video, get a copy and give it to the reporter.

Since Agenda 21 is once again a hot topic....

I bring this question back,

How do you explain Agenda 21 to others? Looking for away that's easy to convey the message.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Here's a way

"What is the best and SHORTEST way you have found to explain Agenda 21 ?"

Here's two shorties...
-Local laws are being written by foreign powers who may not have our best interest at heart.

-Foreign powers are writing laws for local governments to implement.

Monopolization of Power

There are two opposing methods by which Monopolization of Power can be set into motion by those who work effectively at reaching that goal.

1. Liberty
Offer on a free market the highest quality and lowest cost products that a consumer can buy whereby the consumer can then make their own power independently.

2. Crime (often made legal)
Employ non-free methods such as deception, threats, and aggressive violence upon every single competitor competing in the power business so as to then control every single source of power.

Agenda 21 is merely one facet of the Criminal option involving the incorporation of every single resource available to people in this country into one corporation (legal fiction) having the only license to control all those resources.

Once all those resources in this country are controlled by that one small group of people behind that False Front (Legal Fiction) those few can make those resources available only to those people who will sell their souls for their own "piece of the action" while every single person who refuses to sell their soul for their own "piece of the action" will be starved out.


That is what The Bolsheviks in Russia did, and Russians who lived through it are not shy (any longer) about blowing that whistle.


Hi dailypauler.

This is the site I constantly refer to, and get my print outs from when I am distributing anti UN Agenda 21 information.
Freedom Advocates is no nonsense, plain speaking and hard hitting. It also only deals with UN Agenda issues, and nothing else.
I started making real in-roads when I spoke to people about ICLEI, (International Council for Local Environmental Incentives), as then they could see things happening at a local level, within their own communities, and had been to, and participated (without knowing it) in Delphi technique, "Community Vision" meetings.
I hope you find this as useful as I have in the hard slog against UN Agenda 21.
Kudos to you for standing up to this "Progressive" Agenda.


if you have their email address, send the a link to the book, and a few UN articles from the UN web page, especially anything to do in your area.

UN Agenda 21 from Amazon: https://www.google.com/shopping/product/16264729144147140882...

More info from Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agenda_21

Shows how we are voluntering to adopt Agneda 21


for input/ideas.

How are things going in your part of the world? Been a while since I've been down that way and miss it. I like to get out and travel a bit, but just haven't had time, money, etc. these daze.

Take care.....

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

I hope that you can see

By showing a copy of the book for sale (It was $60.00 originally, then went way up, hundreds of dollars, and now it's under $20.00), it shows the book, by the UN itself, actually exists, it's not a conspiracy theory and that thinking it is conspiracy theory is unrealistic.

Brings me to my part of the world, where state parks is using the Agenda to not do what they said they were going to do, rebuild a haul road along a beach that was neglected by them.. now they are claiming, for environmental purposes (UN Agenda) the haul road needs to be scratched and the area off limits to people to protect the snowy plover and rare plants (and they never talk about the fen, which is something we locals know about and why we doubt what they are saying), and the state parks lack of doing what they said, and removing "invasive grasses" that kept sand dunes in place, people who live along the shoreline are finding themselves slowly being buried in sand.. and the county and state and federal goverment, as big as they are, can do nothing for them.. they can sell, but no one is going to buy (so they can't sell).

As for traveling.. I suddenly found Israel and I'm going to make an investment to go hopefully within the year (I hate to say it like that, I want to go now but I have a dear friend who is in hospice and I will not travel until they have passed).

Also, the UN Agenda has been being implented here very heavily about a decade, and I think as time goes on, there was never a fight from conservatives (that's a story in itself).. but it seems to be paying off, because as the Agenda progresses, the afflictions are evident, and being a Democratic party controlled county, it gives an opportunity for the conservatives/Libertarians to step up and implement restoration of constitutional values where the Agenda is failing (those who didn't understand it was designed to fail people and serve government). (((((((dailypauler))))))))