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Glenn Greenwald: Enemy of the State

Glenn Greenwald scrunches over his laptop, the fizzing, glinty look in his eyes settling into something more staid and intense. It’s twilight in Gavea, the upscale enclave of Rio de Janeiro built alongside a hand-planted rainforest in the Zona Sul. The monkeys who routinely raise hell from the rubber trees that adorn Greenwald’s backyard have fled for the evening. A knot of ten dogs, mostly strays scooped off Rio’s traffic-gnarled streets, snore and grumble on the cream tiled floor. Without warning, Greenwald, who has the rat-tat-tat chattiness of Midnight Cowboy’s Ratso Rizzo crossing a Manhattan street corner, falls into a chilly silence. His small, fleshy hands flutter over the keyboard. Who knows what business is afoot inside his browser.

The tense quiet stretches on for minutes, made all the more uneasy by legions of invisible toads shamelessly burping from the mangroves. He could be devising his next series of explosive reports on secret Unites States and United Kingdom surveillance programs (he has been working on classified documents on U.S. assassination initiatives). Or, given his open contempt for major media organizations, he could be typing his resignation email to The Guardian. Or he could be prepping for his upcoming testimony before the Brazilian senate about how David Miranda, Greenwald’s partner of eight years, was detained and interrogated in Heathrow airport by U.K. officials for nine hours under the Terrorism Act in August. Maybe word has come down that the U.S. Department of Justice has launched a long-anticipated criminal investigation against Greenwald.

Or maybe he’s just paying a parking ticket.

“Here.” Greenwald snaps his head up and flips his laptop screen toward me as a hyper baby pinscher leaps into his lap. He points to his onscreen chat window. “I’m just talking with Snowden right now.” He flashes a chummy grin. “It’s our nightly check-in.” Greenwald giggles, sips a little red wine, and continues chatting with the 30-year-old former systems analyst whose explosive revelations about the American surveillance state have rocked Washington, put the Obama administration on the defensive, and damaged U.S. relations around the world.

“Moscow kinda sucks,” Greenwald reports.

Read more: http://www.advocate.com/print/print-issue/current-issue/2013...

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i Loved The Article

Underscore your comment below:

" ... incredibly real and personal article about Greenwald."

“I came to believe if you’re smart, skilled, and have the resources, you should use those things to fuck with the powerful.”

Human Communication.

What is more important? The data or the source?

The data is ALWAYS more important than the source. Either the data is true or it's not. If you are not willing to evaluate the data then you will choose someone else's opinion and give up your power to decide and choose.

Example: a liar can tell the truth and an honest person can be mistaken or misinformed. Most religion, political affiliation, and the MSM is based on the source being more important than the data.

The data is ALWAYS more important than the source.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

didn't read

horrible pretentious writing. I hate writers like that.

All this information about the evilness

of the US government that Mr(s) Greenwald thinks it is so important that you know, will be sold to you at a massive profit to him. But wait....there's more....but you wont find out unless you by into his new media company and/or his book.
I wonder if we will find the quote in Greenwalds book, from the "progressive" , Stalin, "We will sell them the rope that they will hang themselves with".
I,m so glad that more and more people are seeing through this self serving little man(?).

ecorob's picture

Now that you've made your comment...

you can stick your head back in your ass.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


What incredible turn of phrase, unmatchable wit, and deep intelligence you contribute to this forum.
I am deeply touched by your thoughtful respect for your fellow human beings who are fighting so hard for liberty.
I eagerly await the next gem from your key board.

As A Longtime Reader Of His Column

I can sure you he is sincere and deserves all the riches the world has to offer him.

He has risked his life and his liberty, and no fortune is too great for the service he has done, not only for this country but for the whole world.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard


Well said.

I'm sorry that I cannot agree,

everything seems to point to Glenn Greenwald being a Big Media Propaganda
tool for the Left.
I don't trust the motives of the people behind him.

ecorob's picture

Define everything...

because, from where I'm sitting, he is a hero.

He is a true hero. He is more of a hero than any Nazi, jack booted thug cop that attacks women, children, and everyday Americans everywhere exercising their God given RIGHTS to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

He is more of a hero than any "mayor" who destroyed evidence after the inside job of 9/11. He is more of a hero than any American president dropping drones on civilians throughout the world.

Trust? TRUST? You wouldn't know trust if it swam up and bit you on your yellow striped ass.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Notice how Grangspam just chimed in and replied for Jillying?

I have noticed recently how they also both "hey Grangspam," "hey Jillying," chit-chat off topic in comment replies, including when they have replied to comments for each other, not who the comment was directed at. As Grangspam just attempted with her "I agree with Jill." Nobody asked Grangspam if she agreed with Jillying or not, Jillying was asked what she meant by "everything."

Pay attention, there are frauds at work.

ecorob's picture

Funny how that works, RPW.

Its like a conspiracy!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Since I agree with Jill Booth

Are you not trusting MSM telling you the truth about GG and Snowden?

I'm sorry that a fraud is your hero. My hero is Malala.

The sign of a closed society is distrust

I trust Greenwald, from what I've read of him, things written by him, and interviews done with him. However, it is the nature of a closed society that there is pervasive distrust, even among allies.

No one knows who is a government or corporate plant and who is a regular person. It becomes difficult to determine truth from falsehood. Your world closes in and you learn to share little with anyone you have not known for many years. Strangers are always perceived as potentially dangerous and to be avoided. Social interactions become blunt, rude, and defensive.

A distrustful society will never practice a robust freedom. The irony of a free society is that it requires two things at the same time: vigilant suspicion (caveat emptor), and trust. No free society can function for long without constantly fending off those who will work to use force and fraud to enrich themselves, but no free society can function if we cannot trust each other to do as we say we are going to do. If businessmen cannot trust each other to fulfill contracts, there will be no contracts. If workers can't be trusted to work, nobody will be employed. If employers cannot be trusted to pay as promised, there will be no workers. If everyone cannot be trusted to respect private property, there will be no generosity.

The mind-set for freedom is cultural. It cannot be legislated. It must be learned over time. The past century has been all about learning not to trust, which is why so few people have any faith in the ability of the market to provide for our needs. If we don't learn to trust again, we won't have a free society no matter who is President.

Jill, I'm not saying you're wrong about Greenwald. Time will tell. I just don't see any conclusive evidence that would lead me to NOT trust him. Caveat Emptor.

Thank you Ron Johnson

for an intelligent well written reply.
I will try to do the same for you in return.
The following links are what have bought me to believe that we are being manipulated to a pre determined point for a Global Progressive Government, of which MR Greenwald has (knowingly or not) a part to play.
1) I don't trust Bruce Fien. (but I do trust Sybil Edmonds)
2)This piece of information was "buried"
Although nothing to do with Snowden/Greenwald, this is interesting.
3) an interesting opinion piece.
4)This is a big site, but is really worth taking time on.


I also researched who funds Laura Poitras, who is behind which foundations, where their political standing is.
Everything leads back to this man.
http://www.independentsentinel.com/ask-george-soros-or-penny... All of this leads to this man.

Not FOR the "sate"/UN.?

Oh I can hardly wait for the next exciting chapter of "GG and Snowden", the globalists heros.

ecorob's picture

This is just another reason why...

you suck.

Why the hell are you still here, anyway?

You sicken me with your cheap, shallow innuendo.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Pray then

enlighten us with you precise, deep, facts.
We can all gather from your deep and insightful comments, that you have taken on board Dr Paul's foundation philosophy of politeness, respect, good manners, and non aggression.
You are to be congratulated on shinning the good Dr's light to all on Peace Gold Liberty.

ecorob's picture

I can't help it.

Imbeciles and idiots, shills for brains, bring these types of confrontations out of me.

Who is "we"? You and granger? Together, you couldn't gather the intellect of a lightening bug.

Politeness pales in the absence of knowledge (especially in your case).

Attacking the messenger? Nice argument...

Also, if you are so keen on upholding the standards of the DP, why don't you subscribe?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

"Go gush for GG (seems your type anyways)."

Grangspam is going hard today, hardly believable that is. As usual.


So as usual I can say, "I told you so". It's pretty obvious to me GG is an opportunistic globalist and Snowden is a smart man who did a very stupid thing. It's another inside job and the only people cheering this crap are those who didn't have friends and family in prison for years because of some NARC that lied.. the US has been spying on Americans since before I was born. How clueless are you?

Go gush for GG (seems your type anyways).

I feel so fortunate to be able to see the real you ecorob, show me how pretty you are, darlin.


...don't think that shining a spotlight on the corruption and abuses of authoritarian government and revealing the full extent of them is an important thing, Granger? Why does a government need to operate in the shadows as Big Brother? Why can't transparency and forthrightness and decency be the hallmarks of our society?

Short answer,

you no longer have a "Government" as such, just a figure head that works for special interest groups.
If everyone did as they should, we would live in Utopia.
Many people and press have spoken up about Government spy programs, the collection center in Utah, the dangers of "smart" gadgets, computerised cars etc, etc for a long time. The Washington Post reported on this in 2009.
When you start digging at the people, foundations and funding behind Greenwald and Poitras, a different picture starts to emerge, one that doesn't "sit" quite right.
I have an uneasy feeling that Edward Snowden has been shockingly manipulated, spat out, and hung out to dry.


I don't see it as shining any light that people who are concerned about privacy didn't aleady know. Do you actually think that a terrorist, someone who was willing to do harm to the USA, thought the USA was not tracking, "spying", on ALL people, at least within America, if not the countries America's military occupies? Was there anyone who ever smoked marijuana that didn't stop for a moment and think, "Wow, this is illegal and someone could tell on me?", or "What I wrote could be incriminating?" Or how about all those posts here on DP: "Erase your post that explains why you were arrested and protect yourself!"? Why post that?

For years I've been reading posts on DP about government tracking, ebay, myspace, facebook, amazon, gps.. cell phone.. on and on..

So WHO did GG with Snowden's information wake up? The people who didn't care anyways? The people who said, "No they are not spying". These are the same folks who don't care. "I'm doing nothing wrong, so I don't care".

Didn't he photographs from Guatamemo wake anyone up?

Didn't 911 wake anyone up?

And now that people are awake, what is going to change?

Is NSA going to stop? Let's say it does. Do you actually think that if NSA was canned and stop tracking there would be no tracking of people?

I think this is a set up to end NSA. I think that global government needs and wants to end programs like (sovreign)NSA because they want and need to go international.

Now we have news that the USA has been spying on other nations. Shock? What you want to bet these other nations are in negotiations for a global security authority?

And that is how some of us see the whole GG and Snowden affair, a charade.. it's a shell and pea game.. "Where's Snowden?? "Where's the pea"? Is it under the "America is bad and this proves it" shell? Is it under the "Snowden is a traitor and NSA made mistakes" shell? Is it under the , "end NSA begin GSA" shell?

You know which shell I think (#3 in case you didn't).

Why government needs to operate in the shadows of "big brother"?

Government is Big Brother. Cheney was asked once about "The Shadow Government", and I'm one of those who believe that the shadow government is the Federal Reserve (and the IRS) collusion with global central bankers that strip of our sovreign rights and force global government/ UN treaties, that Americans, like most of these nations opposing the NWO, who resent their leaders "selling them out" and are more sensitive because they have thousands of years of history to refer where most Americans were immigrants and the constitution is relatively new and short lived historically speaking.

Why can't transparency and forthrightness be our hallmarks?

From my experience.. many things are not transparent because they are "hanging chads" and don't have anything to say because until that chad has been counted, it could go any direction. Government is so big, and linked in many layers with many departments, and many people (who do not agree or like each other), and since privacy is the first line of protection (for robbers and people that have something of value that others want), MSM has become the mouthpeice of what the government wants you to know.

I'm at the point, I think transparency and forthrightness are personal traits.. either a person is, or they are not, but corporations, and that icludes governments, are not because they are not real people.. we attribute human virtues to them, but they are not capable because they are fictions we have to deal with in this world, as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever and ever.

If people...

...can not run governments with transparency, forthrightness, decency, respect for individual Liberty -- then there should be no governments.

Shining a spotlight on authoritarian abuses in a manner which provides more detail and specifics on how such abuses are operating is better than having some vague, nebulous concept about such abuses. GG and Snowden are filling in the details, fleshing things out, so more people are aware and more informed when combatting such abuses of the People.


That's like saying, "if people can not run corporations with transparency, forthrightness, decency, respect for individual Liberty -- then there should be no corporations".

If you, and others here, believe that Snowden and GG are "free agents" and are doing a community service (shell number 2), I just don't think it's such a big deal being the war on drugs woek plenty of people up who came to the conclusion, "WTF can I do?".. and so what do you do with what you now know? What good is it? I don't see it stoping abuse anymore than I see war on drugs or terror stopping.

It's like, a lot of people KNOW Santa is not real, but that does not stop the same people from buying santas and living for weeks in a santa land..


...also true. In a truly free market, corporations which abuse people all day long will go out of business, as free people vote with their dollars and feet and do business elsewhere. In a corrupt fascistic society where corrupt corporations and corrupt governments are in bed with each other, propping each other up, you have a double-dose of tyrannical abuse.

Even if the abusive system is overwhelming to the point of asking "what can I do?", when things come crashing down as they eventually will and the tyrants try to construct an even more repressive system in the aftermath, if enough Liberty-minded people are aware and informed of the abuses, they will be in a better position to block that regime and instead rebuild a society of Liberty and Love, steering it away from the pitfalls of the past.

It's not that I don't think being informed is important

There's also too much information, and people get confused, many really don't care about government they will deal with the SHTF when it hits, until then, they are more focused on their lives at hand.

I think those of us who are informed and care, do need to act, and this has been very hard, if not forever.. and why now for me, Ron Paul's invitation to join the GOP, which was very hard for me to do, and then seeing it for what it is, which is not what MSM says it is, and the "stage 2" of the4 rEOLution with Rand in the GOP.. It has not been easy, that's for sure, but it has been a good raod, and I do believe that Liberty committees in the GOP can and will change the USA, bring back integrity, constitutional values, privacy and security from a free market. At least that is my hope, still inspired by Ron Paul.


No, it didn't wake us up. I'm sure it did wake up a whole host of people, both Republicans and Democrats, who get their news exclusively from the mainstream media, especially tv news.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir