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Buy It Now, It’s Legal – Medical Marijuana Cannabidiol (CBD from Industrial Hemp)

Buy It Now, It’s Legal – Medical Marijuana Cannabidiol (CBD from Industrial Hemp)
 Dixie Botanicals 994166_391853980932779_1715487724_n.jpg

One of the wars against the war on drugs has been won and that means Americans everywhere now have access to medical marijuana in this government-approved form. The government had to approve it because it has virtually no THC, that particular cannibinoid that gets people high. So believe me, the FDA, DEA and FTC have all yielded and it will show up at your door if you order the newest/oldest medicine on the planet.

Medical Marijuana Inc.,and Dixie Elixirs and Edibles Brand was featured on 60 Minutes “Rocky Mountain High” segment on Sunday, October 21, 2012. Denver’s thriving medical marijuana industry was the primary focus of the show’s segment

That is a lot of people to watch what is good news for the entire medical establishment as well as the alternative medical community. It is the best news for millions who are sick and on many pharmaceutical drugs that Cannabidiol (CBD) will replace safely and naturally. Bottom line, CBD is going to make a whole lot of people feel better about 10 minutes after they drop some Cannabidiol under their tongues.

Now we all have access to pharmaceutical-grade natural medicine from a company that is entirely outside the medical industrial complex. Just do not order this product, cannabidiol, to get high for it will not take you there. But if you need a potent medicine in your fight against chronic disease, cannabinoid medicine will deliver the goods. In the fight against cancer, neurological diseases and diabetes, one would actually be crazy to do it without CBD.

Buy it here:
Dixie Botanicals offers innovative hemp oil products for health conscious consumers. Our formulation experts include scientists, clinical herbalists and nutritionists, who work to integrate our hemp oil into a variety of generally accepted beneficial dietary and uniquely effective over the counter products.


60 Minutes: Marijuana like you've never seen it before

What's next for medical marijuana? Hint: it doesn't involve a match, pipe or rolling papers. Some of it doesn't even get you high.

Sodas, peanut butter sandwiches, truffles, breath sprays, skin ointments -- almost anything can be infused with marijuana, and in Colorado, entrepreneurs are developing all manner of new pot-infused product lines. These products are a far cry from the dorm-room stash of weed in a plastic baggy, and some of them deliver the medical benefits of the drug without the high.

CBS 60 Minutes Rocky Mountain High Marijuana Millionaires

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Fighting for Vivian's Medicine

Garyn and Joey from Magical Butter visit the Wilson family in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Two-and-a-half-year-old Vivian Wilson suffers from a rare and severe form of epilepsy that she will have for the rest of her life. Her parents have struggled to find a medicine that could bring her relief. Frustrated with pharmaceuticals, the Wilsons turned to medical marijuana -- particularly strains featuring the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD. However, they have faced many roadblocks along the way, including New Jersey's medical cannabis program and Governor Chris Christie.

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Hundreds Of Families Moving To Colorado To Save Their Children's

Hundreds Of Families Moving To Colorado To Save Their Children's Lives With Miracle NEW Drug!

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that's incredibly expensive--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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is. Unfortunately, they have to maintain controlled condition farms OUTSIDE the US, then have it imported, and then process it in a lab. It's beyond absurd..

You SHOULD be able to go to your local farmer (or your back yard) and get a few plants and easily make your own.

But if the CBD oil is truly effective at arresting cancer cell development and even causing cancer cell death (apoptosis) and tumor shrinkage, then cost would not be an option for me. I'd figure out a way to get it before I'd let them pump chemo or irradiate me. That's just *me* though..
Hope all is well sir.

i thought

De was growing the hemp here in colorado under our mmj law and now new hemp law?

any feedback on how the dE products are working?

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used to have a more detailed explanation in their FAQ's but now it just says this.

Why are your products so expensive?

"Dixie Botanicals is a hemp oil wellness line of products using both the stem and stalk of the Hemp plant. It represents a significant capital investment of millions of dollars to bring these products to the Continental U.S. "

There haven't been any significant improvements reported. I've only given the "dew drops" to one person so far, so it's not much of a scientific study. I have a feeling that other compounds are necessary to make it effective, but am not sure..
It might be useful if someone was taking a traditional "Rick Simpson" type oil and wanted to supplement it with more CBD to tone down the psychoactive effects of the THC.

Oh wait, this article is from 10.20.2012!!

So this has been legal for over a year and I'm just hearing about it now?! what gives?

I have

A FB page where I post all kinds of Information and stories if anyone is interested. I am a distributor as well. https://www.facebook.com/LouisianahempoilConnection

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rwol9999. There's some really good info on your page, and I don't even do facebook.
I've been checking out some of the links on your FB page. It's absolutely fascinating (and somewhat infuriating) to read medical reports from the 1800's of how they were having remarkable success even back then. Keep us posted on your successes with this product.
Thanks again for the great info.

Here's one report that caught my eye:

Case of Infantile Convulsions

A very interesting case of this disease has recently occurred in my private practice; the particulars of which I have the permission of the family to insert in this paper.

A female infant, 40 days old, the child of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. of Calcutta, on the 10th Septembet, had a slight attack of convulsions, which recurred chiefly at night for about a fortnight, and for which the usual purgative, warm baths, and a few doses of calomel and chalk were given without effect. On the 23rd the convulsive paroxysms became very severe and the bowels being but little deranged, two leeches were applied to the head. Leeches, purgatives, and opiates were alternately resorted to, and without the slightest benefit up to the 30th of September.

On that day the attacks were almost unceasing and amounted to regular tetanic paroxysms. The child had moreover completely lost appetite, and was emaciating rapidly.

I had by this exhausted all the usual methods of treatment, and the child was apparently in a sinking state.

Under these circumstances I stated to the parents the results of the experiments I had made with the Hemp, and my conviction that it would relieve their infant, if relief could possibly be obtained.

They gladly consented to the trial, and a single drop of the spiritous tincture, equal to the one-twentieth part of a grain in weight, was placed on the child's tongue at 10 P.M. No immediate effect was perceptible, and in an hour and a half two drops more were given. The infant fell asleep in a few minutes, and slept soundly till 4 P.M. when she awoke, screamed for food, took the breast freely, and fell asleep again. At 9 A.M., 1st October, I found the child fast asleep, but easily roused; the pulse, countenance and skin perfectly natural. In this drowsy state she continued for four days totally free from convulsive symptoms in any form. (During this time the bowels were frequently spontaneously relieved, and the appetite returned to the natural degree.)

October 4th. At 1 A.M. convulsions returned, and continued at intervals during the day; five drop doses of the tincture were given hourly. Up to midnight there were thirty fits, and forty-four drops of the tincture of Hemp were ineffectually given.

October 5th. Paroxysms continued during the night; at 11 A.M. it was found that the tincture in use during the preceding days had been kept by the servants in a small bottle with a paper stopper; that the spirit had evaporated, and the whole of the resin settled on the sides of the phial. The infant had in fact been taking drops of 'water' during the preceding day.

A new preparation was given in three drop doses during the 5th and 6th, and increased to eight drops; with the effect of diminishing the violence though not of preventing the return of the paroxysm.

On the 7th, I met Dr. Nicholson in consultation, and despairing of a cure from the Hemp, it was agreed to intermit its use, to apply a mustard poultice to the epigastrium, and to give a dose of castor oil and turpentine. The child, however, rapidly became worse, and at 2 P.M. a tetanic spasm set in, which lasted without intermission till 6 1/2 P.M. A cold bath was given without solution of the spasm -- the Hemp was therefore again resorted to, and the dose of 30 drops, equal to 1 1/2 grains of the resin, given at once.

Immediately after this dose was given the limbs relaxed, the little patient fell fast asleep, and so continued for thirteen hours. While asleep, she was evidently under the narcotic influence of the drug.

On the 8th October, at 4 A.M., there was a severe fit, and from this hour to ten at night 25 fits occurred and 130 drops of the tincture were given in 80 drop doses, equal to 15 grains of the resin. It was now manifestly a struggle between the disease and the remedy, but at 10 P.M. she was again narcoticized, and from that hour no fit returned.

On the three following days there was considerable griping, and on administering large doses of almond oil, several small dark green lumps of the Hemp resin were voided, which gave effectual relief. The child is now (23rd November) in the enjoyment of robust health, and has regained her natural plump and happy appearance.

In reviewing this case several very remarkable circumstances present themselves. At first we find three drops, or one twentieth of a grain, causing profound narcoticism; subsequently we find 130 drops daily required to produce the same effect. The severity of the symptoms doubtless must be taken chiefly into account, in endeavouring to explain this circumstance. It was too soon for habit to gain ascendancy over the narcotic powers of the drug. Should the disease ever recur, it will be a matter of much interest to notice the quantity of the tincture requisite to afford relief. The reader will remember that this infant was but sixty days old when 130 drops were given in one day, of the same preparation of which ten drops had intoxicated the student Dinonath Dhur, who took the drug for experiment. 130 drops are equal again to 15 grains of the resin, one grain of which occasioned profound trance (or catalepsy) in two men labouring under rheumatism.

I tend to

Get annoyed daily as I continue to read about how it was known to cure so many things just to be replaced by 100's of pill that just this one product can cure.

I have bred CBD specific strains for patients

The stuff is great for those who want the meds without the high. I have found many patients who enjoy the juicing method, tinctures as well as simply smoking high cbd strains versus the high thc strains.

Most are older folks and those with cancer and other ailments while still needing to function ( drive, walk without breaking a hip etc )and sometimes the stronger thc can make many "feel" anxious, dizzy or other side effects.

I have smoked hundreds of strains, I have had hash, oils, bho and most SUPER POTENT blends and personally I don't see the anxious issues but I have seen it in others and understand that everyone takes it in a bit differently.

Some can only have a hit from a joint whereas I can smoke 5 in a single sitting and still function just fine.

CBD has some amazing benefits and the medical/pharma sees this and is why they keep trying to make lab versions. What worries me about the so called lab grade stuff is I feel that they will somehow put in cancer causing agents which they can then use to prove that marijuana can cause cancer.

I wish it to stay homegrown and personal and out of the big boys hands. Once they get their stranglehold on this amazing plant it will be like cigarettes and alcohol all over again.

The amount of cannabinoids that benefit our bodies is very plentiful within the cannabis plant itself and I just hope people choose to ingest ALL of them versus simply taking one specific one as they all have benefits.

Those who have issues with high thc strains can still find lower strength versions but still get the benefits from the amount still within it.

http://shelfsufficient.com - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way.

http://growing-elite-marijuana.com - My site on growing marijuana

CBD cures Cancer

This was on the Daily Paul several months ago about two scientists who have shown that CBD a non-toxic, non-psychoactive chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, turns off the ID-1 gene that causes cancer to spread and the cells stopped spreading and returned to normal: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/19/marijuana-and-cance...

I would think that since they have already shown it has the potential to cure cancer, it would be hard to show it causes cancer.


would love to just use the Juice but being in a state that is not friendly to mj it is almost impossible. Juicing is the way for best results from this plant.

Now that the NWO Corporate employment

Extracts blood urine and hair to black list you from employement forever, will this substance cause the test to cause you to get fired?


what the heck..

when did this happen that we could buy CBD? Has it been "legal" all along and nobody realized it? (ie. THC was the only element that's illegal)


I have been using it since sept 2012 I am off 12 of my pharma meds and out of 75% of my pain this does work.

ya i think it likely works..

but when did it become "legal" so to speak for people to buy it?

well, let's hear an answer to my question


hemp loophole

the way i understand it is they are using the hemp loophole that allows hemp to be imported and sent from state to state. as long as the hemp has almost no thc in it it can legally be sold as industrial hemp.

i remember bush's drug czar john p Walters tried to hold up a shipment of non-medicinal (shirts etc) hemp products at the Canadian boarder until it was tested. it took a while and some money but eventually it was tested and allowed through.

u.s. hemp production has been banned since the 1940's until 2013 when Colorado farmers harvested the first legal industrial hemp crop in 60+ years. they will be making a ton of cbd oil with that hemp and then use it for shirts, building materials and all the other uses of industrial hemp.

so from what i understand cbd oil from industrial hemp is technically legal under the hemp loophole. until recently (ogden memo) industrial hemp and medical hemp/cannabis were both illegal under federal law. now if you live/have a company in a state like Colorado you can legally produce industrial hemp, strip the oil and ship it nation wide. before industrial hemp was legalized this year companies like DE grew high cbd hemp strains under the medical marijuana laws. so instead of growing high thc plants they grew cbd plants. now they can grow huge industrial hemp fields and sell it as non fda regulated "hemp oil dietary supplement".

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Are you really that

Are you really that lazy/incompetent not to know how to do a simple google search?

Please keep us updated with results for CBD


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I ordered 3 bottles of the "Dew Drops" and have given one to a relative. They say it feels like it is regulating their metabolism, and that their overall health seems better, but it's only been a few days. If there are substantial results with this limited trial, I hope to share it with a few other people suffering from various ailments. It's hard not to want to after reading comments like this

Thanks again for bringing awareness to this product MMJM. My concern is that the CBD "needs" the THC, the CBN, and the other components to make it effective. I'm hoping that Dixie did some sort of independent testing before they released this product for sale. It's fascinating research nonetheless.

I'm ordering some for a

I'm ordering some for a friend too :) Good info.

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that they have good results with it. Supposedly the CBD tones down the psychoactive effects of the THC.
So (theoretically) if a person was taking the traditional Rick Simpson Oil AND the pure CBD, it would seem to give it a boost as RSO has very little CBD in it.
I think that's why companies like Dixie Elixirs are coming out with new products like "Dixie X" which is a 1:1 thc/cbd ratio.
(can't pull up their site for some reason)

Here's the only FB page I occasionally frequent. There are all sorts of stories of people helping themselves and each other beat various ailments. It's pretty inspirational.
Here's just one story
"Great news from Corrie- Janet Sweeney Corrie Yelland
about an hour ago
OMG, I'm sitting here with my eyes leaking, trying to absorb the news from a phone call I just received. Just over 2 weeks ago, I spoke with a father back east who's 5 year old daughter had just relapsed. **** was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma(Childrens Cancer) - poor prognosis (MYCN Amplified). They were told there was no hope and basically to take her home and enjoy their last days with her, that she had little time. Dad was understandably extremely distraught when he called me. We got him pointed in the right direction and they started **** on the med. They just finished an appointment with the oncologists at the hospital. ****'s tumour marker urinalysis is COMPLETELY NORMAL!!! She has gone from 80, then climbed to 90 the following week and is now down to 8.7. (Between 2 & 9 is normal). That's right folks, NO SIGN OF CANCER. In 2 weeks this child has gone from terminally/critically ill to a clear bill of health. The oncologist said "They have never seen anything like this before."
The buzz words one more time PEEPS====CANNABIS KILLS CANCER. — feeling excited."