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Ben Swann boogies with us in Chile

Ben Swann came down to Chile, to the Spring Celebration at Galt's Gulch, and showed us his marked boogie skills. Sorry for the grainy nightshots.

Jeff Berwick, Angela Keaton, Tatiana Morosz, Josh Tolley and more were there. Luke Rudowski will be here too. Fun to be a part of this community. Also met a lot of people who had bought plots there.

I'm not part of GGC, but I support their efforts to create a liberty community!

In my journey to understand my anarcho-capitalist leanings, Berwick recommended that I read "The Market for Liberty", available in PDF at:


Ellie Dee

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Hahaha this is great. GO BEN!!


and we can boogie, on down!

Look forward to hearing more about the community.

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