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Video: Boston Police Accuse me of Witness Intimidation; Threaten to Charge PINAC Readers With Same (Updated)

(Not Me!)
In a sheer act of intimidation, the Boston Police Department is planning on filing a complaint against me for witness intimidation because I posted the name, email and phone number to a police spokeswoman, encouraging readers to ask her to drop the accusation against Taylor Hardy, whom she claims recorded her without consent.

Detective Nick Moore also assured me he would do the same to any PINAC readers if they continue to contact departmental spokeswoman Angelene Richardson as they have been doing since yesterday.

“I can go and get warrants for every person who called her,” he said during a telephone conversation earlier this evening. “It’s an annoyance. It’s an act of intimidation.”

I pointed out that the real intimidation is being conducted by Boston police, which is not only evident in the above video that prompted this whole debacle, but is evident in their response to PINAC for posting the video in the first place.

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You serious right

You serious right now?

Whereas you have argued apologetically, in favor of the police, and against the videographer, as it relates to the specific video posted above, I've merely taken the other side.

This compels no action on my part, least of all to film as much of the police as possible, as you suggest, any more than it compels you to join the police force for defending the police. You are a dolt for arguing otherwise. But then, that much was clear far before you made such an idiotic argument.

However... to the broader and valid point that your idiocy miraculously approaches, I would actually agree wholeheartedly.

Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison. - Thoreau

To that end, those of us still free -- you and me included -- are all, to some extent, hypocrites and cowards.

You just happen to also be an authoritarian idiot incapable of formulating a logical argument.

Take your meds already...

How am I an authoritarian? As far as not being capable of formulating a logical argument, please explain.

I've NEVER said I was against filming the police. I said the way the guy went about it was lame.

I don't know what your deal is but with all your quotes and insults, you do give me something to laugh at, so, I thank you for that.

I hope you get your big chance one day to film a cop since you seem so obsessed to exercise that right.

Sorry, didn't mean to poo on your dream.

I dunno, whatever. It's been

I dunno, whatever. It's been fun, kinda.


I'm sure we agree on more than we disagree.


No doubt. We'd not be here

No doubt.

We'd not be here otherwise.