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Japan Alert - Draconian secrecy bill being pushed through by Abe government

The proposed bill would give nearly all Japanese government agencies
the right to declare pretty much whatever they want as a "special secret".

Any government employee disclosing such information could be jailed
for up to ten years. Journalists who are deemed to be acting inappropriately
in trying to obtain such information and/or publicizing it could be imprisoned
for five years as could members of parliament.

Chillingly evil, even by the standards of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

If you are Japanese, or know any Japanese please inform them about this and
urge them to register their concerns/objections regarding this bill to their
representatives ASAP.

Pretty convenient timing with them just about to start removing fuel rods at
Fukushima and with the TPP itreaty vote coming up in the fairly near future.

Bet Obama would love to have a law like this.


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Good luck

to all the foreign nationals working and living there.

p.s. I do not know why people would be willing to live in a giant 'sardine can' if you will?

120 million or so people on that island/s? Are you kidding me?


This confirms suspicions

about a media black out going on as we speak. Fukushima must be a major reason because of the lack of news regarding the plant,the people and how it's effecting us in the US. Their very survival and economy hinges on Fukushima and they don't want the facts to get out.

THIS is what the western

THIS is what the western powers are "spreading",

Boils down to consolidation of their power with disregard to the individual right, ingredients to empires falling, some of them so disjointed as an individual in their long spent role of someone of "importance", that they are blind to the role they play in our histories, as if there is a tint on the world that stops them seing the points of those on the OTHER side, i strongly suspect this ignorance is not only PART of the roles of their historical counterperts, but is one of the REASONS for their fall

obviously not limited to, but i suspect a part of

bumping . . .

for a free Japan.



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They must be tired of lying about Fukushima.

They would rather just withhold information rather than having to lie about it. This bill is ridiculous, except for a population of believing sheeple.

Perhaps they need a good bombing

It's what we do when we don't agree with a country, right?