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Bitcoin is changing the world!

Wow, the possibilities are endless.


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What software are you talking

What software are you talking about? just curious.

The concept sounds

The concept sounds curious...so I ventured to find out more about it and how to go about buying it. I'm in Canada and there is one Canadian company that deals in bitcoins Virtex. In order to set up an account one has to download their software. Everything seemed user friendly. I linked on the terms of agreement before accepting. It was too scary for me. All disclaimers for the company and all risk for the customer. All responsibility and liability for any taxes or applicable fees is yours now or furture. They don't mention any price here. I felt I couldn't accept such unknowns. I cannot access it again to reconfirm all its rules. They certainly made it clear that they could terminate alter, or cancel any trades or accounts without notice to customer. Tjey seemed to have full control and approval over any transactions. Another thing after 3 (maybe it said 4 or 6 mo)of no trades or exchanges, your account will be deemed inactive and charged $50/month during its inactivity.

You were

dealing with an exchange, a company. That's not Bitcoin.

You don't have to deal with any companies to use Bitcoin. If you want to use Bitcoin independently first go here and download a wallet like Bitcoin-qt. Actually I recommend Multibit because you don't have to wait for downloading the full blockchain, but the truest way to use Bitcoin is have the full blockchain yourself. Either of these software choices installs independently on your computer. They are open source, no company controls them. You can send and receive bitcoin with them. Next you need some bitcoins. Go here to http://localbitcoins.com to find someone near you willing to sell you some. That's it.

Thanks, I'll try it.

Thanks, I'll try it.

Bitcoin is "frontier"

Bitcoin is "frontier" currency, so it's true not all of the issues surrounding difficulty in using the software and the currency are quite worked out yet. It is acting the exact same way as a gold rush. This is the best time a person will be able to get rich using Bitcoin. It requires a certain level of expertise. In the future, all of these security issues will be ironed out. I can easily foresee apps on the fingerprint scanning iPhone improving the cash-like usability aspect of Bitcoin.

Exactly. There are a LOT of

Exactly. There are a LOT of wallets and trading platforms for Bitcoin.