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Corbett Report *attacks* the Russell Brand nut hugging

I have to admit I was a little bit excited about the Brand thing, and I still think he can be turned to Anarchism. But Thank You James Corbett for putting this into perspective for me.


There are other goodies in this episode of Media Monarchy as well.

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Brand on the BBC


....from what I gathered...
For decriminalization of drugs
Against War
For Humanitarian aid
For Nationalization of Banks
For prosecution of bankers but more reluctant on politicians but in the end views them as the same
Politicians are there to protect the special interests


Shallow reporting Corbett on this one.

Wish they would have taken the time to dig deeper. Coalition building has a lot more to do with changing hearts and minds overtime. Instead they would rather get into the celebrity of all of this.

Does it matter that a comedian is challenging the system and raising points about left-right paradigm, corporatism, and directing attention to the work of historical activists rather than politicians?

I guess if a celebrity does those kinds of things we have some who can't appreciate widening the audience. Unfortunate.

For those that missed the conversation Brand had with Alex Jones a week ago. I suggest you check that out. It was far more useful to than this.

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James Corbett should think more/better/harder

Russell Brand's connection to the Rothschilds is the most ridiculous implication. Believing some secret organization is deceiving the public via Russell Brand is delusional.

The Rothschilds don't even do anything special, this isn't the 1800s.
And one banking heir marrying another banking heir, and then the siblings of each marrying...whoa! Diabolical.

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really? "destroys Russell Brand?"

the 2 James mention the small viewership in MSM (true but relevence please?) and the fact that Russell Brand was married to Katy Perry, shook the Queens hand (?) and has ties to the Rothchilds (links?)

it did however, send me to the Jimmy Savile story and Thomas Sheridan's site so maybe that was the point :)

Just shook her hand?

Saying that Brand just shook her hand is like saying a skydiver just went for a plane ride.

it means nothing...

His girlfriend's brothers both married Rothschild heirs (sisters), who have no involvement whatsoever in international finance. One divorced, dated some rapper, tried to start a record label and failed.

If a direct heir of Mayer Rothschild can't start a record label, what's that tell you about the conspiracy theories of the music industry?

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all the sources are in the show notes

he is more attacking the ridiculousness of anyone praising some movie star without even really knowing who he/she is...

I'll edit the title so you people don't have a stroke

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Frankly, this was a bit disappointing to just hear some odd character bashing without much discussion about the relevant points Russell Brand made in at least 90% of the interview.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

he is not necessarily destroying Russell

he is more attacking the ridiculousness of anyone praising some movie star without even really knowing who he/she is.....without much discussion, as you say... Good advice, perhaps you should adhere to it.

And James does point out that Russell brings up good points. At the end of the day Russell is nothing more then another blip of nothingness.

I could care less who the messenger is.

As long as there is a message being shared. None of this video focused on any of that but rather wasted time addressing things we already know about, like failing MSM, his "relation" to Rothschilds, and a handshake with an old lady. Where's the conversation of unity with the people of this planet, or the revolution in consciousness assisted by the internet we are experiencing. Where's that discussion?

What value does a video with only negative overtones serve? About as much as an equally negative post and subsequent comments that follow, I think.

If he's a blip of nothingness, as you say, then what significance do you present in this "discussion"? Would you like to condescendingly tell me any other advice I should adhere to? I'm not interested in perpetuating a negative discussion that serves no value whatsoever.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

you are right, you have zero value to add

so maybe buggering off is your best option? Isn't that something your hero Brand would say.

There is also zero value in praising some movie star that you really don't even know, just because he said a couple things you agree with. Which was their whole point. They weren't trying to peg his life story down.

Stop being butt hurt, it's just a youtube video.


Never once mentioned Brand being my hero or giving him any praise at all. That's okay, I know people like you imagine things that aren't there all the time. You get so defensive when someone doesn't agree with your post so you turn to insults rather than providing anything to validate your position.

There is FAR LESS VALUE in badgering some movie star because they said a few things you don't agree with.

So, bugger off I will, to save myself the "enormous butthurt" my ego feels thanks to your awesome wisdom.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin