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Why Was The American Peoples Gold Confiscated In 1934 ? The Real Reason ?

My answer { With a little help from Jim Sinclair } is:

Because at the international level in 1933/34 and back to {1792} to 1971 U.S. paper dollars were "Redeemable" in physical Gold.

As the U.S. slowly ran out of physical Gold because of this practice, Mr. Roosevelt declared that Gold was no longer to be used as money by " We the People", in the USA.{1934}

However, in my opinion, since Gold is no longer used as money, confiscation of Gold/Silver is no longer a threat to the American public, who may hold physical Gold.

Here is a very long link to some thoughts on the founders views on Gold/Silver used as money by Mr. Bruce G. McCarthy:


And another link to what the founders classified as money:


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Thanks For Your Link Chris.

However, this sentence from your link bothers me:
"Nevertheless the gold, most of which is still held physically within this country, is no longer ours legally. Only a fraction of it belongs to our Government."Unsnip.

I was under the impression that "We the People" collectively own what the government manages for us, such as the national monuments, and American Gold.

OR, have the bankers successfully stolen this stuff from we the people????



the government owns things separate and apart from society.
What the government owns is not what we the people own collectively.

I was under the impression that "We the People" collectively own

Hmmm. Is there any supporting documentation? Sure they build Fort Knox. I just don't know.

All I know that if I hold it I own it.

Free includes debt-free!

I believe he was referring to what gold at the time in 1958...

that had been leased out to other governments.

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I Read Long Ago,

That Gold vaults in/under New York {J.P. Morgan/Chase?} held physical Gold for many of the USA's trading partners. There was even a T.V. special explaining the trading process. But, the physical Gold was still owned by the trading countries,,, such as Germany. ?