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Ben Swann and Josh Tolley doing "My Humps", Karaoke at Galt's Gulch Chile

In rarely seen form Ben Swann from benswann.com and Josh Tolley from joshtolley.com took to the stage to perfrom "My Humps" by The Black Eyed Peas at the Galt's Gulch Chile Spring Celebration.



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ConstitutionHugger's picture

I hate karaoke, but these Swann wasn't too bad

it's ok to be human and to have fun. He's definitely secure in his manhood. Wish I was in Chile too.


Great to see them relaxing, laughing, and having fun for a change.

More of this, please!

Thanks a lot for posting. :D

lmfao wtf...

well, at least anarchists know how to be goofy

First off, I feel like it's

First off, I feel like it's probably not the best move for the freedom movement to be sharing this video.
Second off, "My kids listen to this song!???!!>?"

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Considering how well he knew the song, I'd say

he's listened to it a few times himself. BTW, there are no good moves for the freedom movement- we're all crazy wacko birds, haven't you heard that from the TV yet? It's always best to be yourself. You might turn out to be so cool that even singing in falsetto can't mess up your rep.

I laughed through the whole thing

I cannot believe that these serious guys pulled this off !!