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Who Will You Vote For? New Jersey Governor

I did my research and looked into every candidate that is on the ballot. I will not vote for Chris Christie, especially how he handled Hurricane Sandy and how he dissed Rand Paul and Libertarians. I will not vote for Bouno because she is friends with Corzine. You know.. that piece of garbage who took our money and claims he has no idea where it went.

The rest of the people look like clowns. One guy has his party called NSA did 911. Am i truther? I am close to one, but I don't believe the NSA did it. I believe the Government knew it was going to happen and did nothing to stop it, just like the Boston Bombing. I am not pro union either or pro green garbage. Sorry but environmentalist ruin this Country. I do my daily duties. I don't pollute.

The only choice I like is Ken Kaplan. He makes it quite clear that he will go after anybody willing to go after our Constitution. He is pro Marijuana for adults. He is pro gun and will protect our rights. I am not pro gay marriage but I'll let that slide since it is not my business what they do with their lives. I like this guy. He seems like the best option. Will Chris Christie win? Most likely and that sucks because I would love to see him lose.

If you are a NJ resident, check out Ken Keplan.


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There will come a time,

when people in New Jersey understand their 'vote' doesn't matter. Until then, I appreciate the discussion.

Most of us in NJ have known that for a very long time.

Here's the thing, though: Sometimes you have to cast your vote to send a message. Our votes don't matter but, our strength in unity does! Our numbers have grown a lot over the past couple of years.

We worked hard for Dr. Paul here in NJ. Some people (mostly liberals, in my experience) "got it" and joined us. Others dismissed us but, they were exposed to the message we were giving them, perhaps for the first time. NOW they "get it".

Voting in NJ isn't necessarily about winning an election. It's about sending a message of strength in unity, in big numbers.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Chris Christie needs to be destroyed politically

If I lived in NJ, I would vote against him. He needs to be stopped in his tracks.

I dont know if I would vote Dem, but I'm thinking about it, and that says alot.




I will hold my nose and vote Dem.
FU, Christie!

do they not have a

do they not have a Libertarian running?

They do! But he won't win as

They do!

But he won't win as he's polling poorly (as usual). Honestly, the dem isn't going to win either. Christie is totally trouncing the dems in this election.

I just felt the dem has the best chance of stopping Christie and that's my goal! Stop Christie NOW so we don't have to worry about Christie 2016. Sadly, the dem is polling in the mid 30s!!! and Christie is in the 60s!!!

I thought

the same thing, but I feel shitty when I vote Democrat. That feeling inside never feels good.

And if Chris Christie wins...

How will it feel, knowing that you could have dont something about it?


Stop Chris Christie's momentum in NJ and u STOP Christie 2016

I'm voting for the Dem not because I like her; not because she's a better candidate; ONLY because we can shut down Chris Christie and not have to worry about him in 2016!

Christie did no better to cut spending than the previous crooks. In fact the budget for 2013 was higher than 2012 and higher than 2011. So NO cuts in spending are in sight regardless of Dem or GOP officeholder!

DUMP Chris Christie, and the only hope to do that is UNFORTUNATELY vote for the opposite party.

Ken Kaplan is awesome but he ain't gonna win and we need a strategic defeat of Christie in NJ.

n j sucks

i will be voting for buono the democrat

here's why

Christie set up the special election day for the vacant senate seat, instead of two weeks later with the main election,,,,, The cost of doing that is between 10-24 million. WHY????, because he wants to stomp buono by huge margins so he can say,,,,"see even in liberal nj I can win big,,, I deserve the 2016 nod.

How any conservative can cost taxpayers 10-24 mil for his ego and to stomp someone instead of handily beating them,,,, is pathetic
Conservative, small, efficient gov't my ass!!!!!!!

property taxes never went down,, although he cut aid,,, but local county's and townships still had to cover their budgets , so it was a wash
and his budget is equal to corzines last budget,,,, where's the cuts???

I wish we could have had a big ground swell of outcry,,, and conservatives voting for the dem as a lesson.

I wanted to call 101.5-ask the gov and confront him and convey this,,,, but I just don't have the gusto I had during 08 and 12.

Are you a gun owner?

Bouno will go after guns. She seems highly against the Second Amendment. I want Christie to lose so bad, but dang man... she is a nasty one.

too late...

NJ is ALREADY in the top 5 states with highest gun control. NJ is already screwed!

Christie already made it WORSE for gunowners!

Christie is now a federal threat for 2016. I say vote Buono and dump his a$$ fast!

I still

can buy ammo. I still have my guns. Sorry guys, Their is no where I am voting for her. She is a criminal just like Christie. I guess I am going to throw my vote away.

Don't vote

it only encourages them! (It encourages ALL of them, the sycophants and the corporate whores they work for as well)

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

CAn't blame you

Buono does suck.

I'm just all about trying to stop Christie. Anyone but Christie will still help the effort--so the LP candidate is great. Voting for Buono just makes it more feasible to stop Christie. It's one less vote for Christie and one more for his opposition.


you realize she has no chance in hell right????

I just refuse to reward Christie with stomping her by 150,000 votes compared to maybe 80,000 votes at a cost of 10-24 million to tax payers

I can't reward blatant hypocrisy like that

a large coalition of conservatives should punish him for that choice,,, and have his plan backfire and blowup in his face,,,

which is why I stand by voting democrat this election for governor

Why is

it that Bouno has no chance but Cory Booker had a chance and won with flying colors?

Diebold machines


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox