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Top NSA Whistleblower: “NSA Management Had A Plan To Spy On The People Of The United States Even Before 9/11”

Top NSA Whistleblower: “[NSA] Management Had A Plan To Spy On The People Of The United States Even Before 9/11”

And 9/11 Was Just the Excuse to Roll Out Mass Surveillance

The government’s spying on Americans began before 9/11 (confirmed here and here. And see this)

As the former head of the NSA’s global digital intelligence gathering program – William Binney – said:

“[NSA] management had made the plan to spy on the United States and the people of the United States even before 9/11.

Then – when 9/11 occurred – that was the pure excuse for them to go in and say now, telecoms, we really need the data now to be able to protect the United States from terrorism.

And that was simply false to begin with. We had no problem at all identifying these people from the beginning. That was absolutely false. But that was the pretext they used to get that process running.”

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ECHELON has been tapping the telco's since the 70's

When that started they would circumvent national laws by routing the calls through another country to eavesdrop on them.

The spying apparatus is built right into the nortel and other ATM switches of every telco in the country.

What the patriot act did was make all this illegal stuff retroactively legal. Despite the constitutional demands of "no ex post facto" laws.


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the NSA was started in 1952, to spy

During cold war paranoia, parts of the US government tried to create a copper ring around the Earth for communication purposes. Another group detonated nukes in outer space to assess EMP effects, among other things.

But this, the spy agency planning to spying on people, surprises you?

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I can believe this.

It is why everything was in place the days after the attack.