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Warning Graphic Content: First Photo Of Shot Tsa Killer

This is the bloodied face of a madman, moments after his rampage through Los Angeles International Airport.

A blood-drenched Paul Ciancia lay stunned on the floor of LAX, critically wounded after heroic airport cops blasted him in the face to halt his deadly march Friday through Terminal 3 that left one Transportation Security Administration agent dead and six other people wounded.

Ciancia, 23, appears to hate ­former Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, whom he referred to as a “bull d—” in his handwritten screed, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
 Paul Ciancia, 23, is seen here for the first time since he opened fire inside LAX. He was shot multiple times by responding officers but he was not killed, as he is seen being transported- while handcuffed- by police

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in upper photo looks familar.

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Done some digging of the picture.

Found the original, larger size at:


The EXIF data shows there was some Photoshopping involved but to what extent I do not know.


i don't believe the media story at all false flag? could be :)


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I don't know

But it all falls together too neatly...
Like 3 (or more?) steel framed buildings imploding into their footprints on the same day... for the FIRST & LAST time in WORLD history!

Fake Blood

Someone faked that blood in the photo. But, if you look at the carpet underneath the fake blood, you can see that the carpet is soaked in both areas with what I would assume to be the real blood. It appears the carpet has soaked up the blood and is darker than the rest of the carpet. Plus he is handcuffed behind his back. Hard to tell where he is shot, but does appear to have leaked some blood.

Is it just me

or does that pile of blood look chunky?

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False Flag

Complete with fake blood, crash test dummy playing a victim, and a whistleblower from the L.A. PD stating it was a staged event. . .. check out the videos and pics here.

And do this yourself, don't take my word for it. Search all the people search databases and see if you can find a Paul A. Ciancia. I searched about twelve of them and there is only two Paul Ciancia that come up in the US. Both in NJ, one is 52 yrs old and the other 64. It makes no sense that someone 23 yrs old would have no internet footprint at all, anywhere.


Blessings )o(

I know it doesn't really mean anything.....

...it's just odd sh*t...

Just for the heck of it I did an internet search for "ciancia government U.S." and just browsing around...

1) Found a "Pete Ciancia" who commented on FB page called the "South Jersey Campaign for Liberty | Facebook" https://tr-tr.facebook.com/SJC4L . I know there are probably thousands of people with that last name, but still, it's crazy.

2) Then I found a harmful website called ciancia.org that my antivirus software blocked me from opening (Don't know why). Seems like some italian social group in Atlanta GA area.

3) A NJ judge "James Ciancia" - referenced in an entry in a David Icke forum titled "New Jersey Case Law: Resisting Arrest Disorderly Persons Offense" at : http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=71368 .

4) An Wall Street related guy "Lawrence Ciancia" reported for Insider Trading at CTS Corporation : http://www.secform4.com/insider-trading/26058.htm

5) Then a weird find at this web address : http://www.joshuafost.com/blog/predictability-of-behavior/ (Predictability of behavior: Empirical and theoretical issues in the predictability of human behavior) which at the bottom has a footnote referencing an article called "Altered awareness of voluntary action after damage to the parietal cortex" and one of the coauthors is "S. Ciancia".

6) Also found a "Jim Ciancia" at http://www.textfiles.com/fidonet-on-the-internet/e1995/elist... that was referencing "U.S.A. patriotism and the activities of our government".

7) A "John Ciancia" at the EPA : http://nepis.epa.gov/Adobe/PDF/50000CRI.pdf

Fake hollywood blood is wrong color

This photo was staged. Period.

Real blood is very dark red ....

Another smoking gun

Drill blood?

Real blood is very dark red

depends on the type of wound

Arterial bleeding: As the name suggests, blood flow originating in an artery. With this type of bleeding, the blood is typically bright red to yellowish in color, due to the high degree of oxygenation. Blood typically exits the wound in spurts, rather than in a steady flow. The amount of blood loss can be copious, and can occur very rapidly.

Venous bleeding: This blood is flowing from a damaged vein. As a result, it will be blackish in color (due to the lack of oxygen being transported) and will flow in a steady manner. Caution is still indicated; while the blood loss may not be arterial, it can still be quite substantial, and can occur with surprising speed without intervention.

Capillary bleeding: Capillary bleeding usually occurs in superficial wounds, such as abrasions. The color of the blood may vary somewhat (distal portion of circulation with oxygenated and unoxygenated blood mixing), and will generally ooze in small amounts, as opposed to flowing or spurting

Weird. Seems to me I remember that same blood from April

looks just like the blood they used for the drill part of the Boston Bombing...and yes, there was a drill immediately afterwards and was eventually admitted and reported by major newspapers. It was put up on DP.


...First he is wearing an all blue uniform and is BIG, then other witnesses and articles say he had on army "fatigues". The dailymail, states that an eyewitness saw him walking around with a bulletproof vest.

I don't see ANY of that here in this pic.

Also, the weapons that the shooter used are not consistent with the reports and/or articles I am reading. It's a different weapon used everytime, it seems. Wtf.

Some very conflicting reports here.

Then, as I am reading these articles, the one in the NYPost, says: " He also wrote that he “wants to kill TSA and pigs,” mentions the Federal Reserve and said that airport searches violate his rights."

Federal Reserve huh? Hmm.

As I clicked on the dailymail link, I am reading half way through, and on the right side there was a blue box, kind of seperate from the main body text of the article, that says "WHAT DOES THE NWO MEAN?", and goes on to talk about the "conspiracy" of the NWO, and "black helicopters". I found that odd since the whole time that I was reading the main body text of the article, no where, not once, was the New World Order mentioned. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but that striked me as a little odd that it wasn't even mentioned, but had its own little box to explain what the NWO was? Hmm.

I digress...

I have to say, this all seems a little eerie.

More importantly though, what we do know for sure is that there is alot of conflicitng evidence/testimonys that is being reported at this time. That is pretty evident to anyone that can read and listen.

This doesn't add up. Add the NWO and Federal Reserve buzzwords being thrown around within these articles...I dunno, something doesn't seem right here. Almost eerrie in a way. Almost like a psy-op feel to it. Stinks to high heaven.

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I don't see a smoking gun

So far I don't see anything overwhelming here.

There was a fellow who took 5 shots to the head and neck while breaking into a woman's home last year by a .357. He fell over, got up, ran to his car and drove himself to the hospital where he survived.

Pistols don't turn your head to pink mist like the movies would have you believe. They don't have much stopping power at all infact. You can get shot in the face and live. There is nothing impossible or even unlikley about what is being described.

The blood looks weird, but he may have puked it up along with other stuff. Infact there could be a host of reasons why it looks that way.

As to the drill, remember the reason they do drills DURING false flags is so that if they get caught, they have plausable deniability. When drills happen weeks before that are similiar, thats not a smoking gun. At best, its a red flag.

Im not saying this isn't a set up of some sort, esspecially given he brought his "dangerous conspiracy theorist" papers with him, not to mention alegations of cops off their check points. It could have been MK Ultra or just a lunitic, who knows. Its always wise to doubt, and usually a safe bet when the gov is involved, however I must caution jumping to conclusions prematurley. I don't see any reason to be saying things like "smoking gun" and that sort.

Jefferson's picture


read he was supposedly "shot in the chest multiple times" yesterday. Just went back and checked.

The suspected gunman himself was detained after being shot in the chest multiple times, according to an intelligence source briefed by Los Angeles police


I guess he had a super absorbent shirt on, because I don't see anything that looks like he was hit in the chest. Maybe I just can't see it. Now, supposedly he was "blasted" in the face, which I could pretty much guarantee that you wouldn't be conscious from a standard LAPD issued 40 caliber round. (probably w/hollow points) This could be some NYP "journalist" trying to interpret the picture with absolutely no clue of the wound channel damage a .40 round would do to the "face."

THEN, you have THIS supposed "eyewitness" that says the shooter had a "pump up shotgun and a handgun" and was "bigger than him" and was wearing some sort of "all blue" uniform. That guy in the pic doesn't look very big (or blue) to me. hmmm..


Top pic is a fake....

Top pic is a fake....

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Pictures in the article linked

Show police escorting someone who is dressed in blue, handcuffed and resembles Ciancia out of the airport.

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Is that first picture...

supposed to be REAL blood?

It doesn't look like any oxidized blood I've ever seen.

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I thought the shooter was dressed in fatigues?

That's what all the articles I've read said. But the guy in that picture isn't wearing fatigues at all. Minor point I know, but why add that if it's just not the case?

Here's another report:

“He was alone, wearing a lot of baggy clothes and a dark flannel shirt. He was a slender, young white guy and walking with this long gun. It was so eerie. He wasn’t in a hurry, not really engaging anyone. He looked like he was moving in a methodical way.”


He was in blue.... People

He was in blue.... People said he looked a lot like TSA? What is up with this?

And what did they shoot him in the face with?

A .22 pistol? Paintball gun? Are the big puddles of blood from the shooter? This picture really is rather odd. Makes me wonder about this one.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center? OK HERE IT COMES

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center which was what? Live on the scene?


Which has credentialed journalists?


Which has insider info and guidance from TPTB?


So we absolutely know how this one will be exploited. Like it took a lot of guesswork.

Another thing, where's the "camo BDUs" I been hearing so much about?

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Were his hands shackled

Were his hands shackled behind his back??? Whenever they shoot to kill...there is a story to hide. One will never know the truth of the matter. It will just be conjecture, third party evidence and hearsay.

yeah hmm

did they cuff him after they blasted him in the face?

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I agree that the official

I agree that the official story is always conjecture to a point, however I don't find that a story to hide is this only reason to shoot to kill. I think shooting to kill is pretty explainable in that a person wants to stop another person from continuing to harm others.

Why do they

keep quoting the splc? Scumbags.

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They have them on speed dial?

They have them on speed dial?