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The President Wants You to Get Rich on Obamacare

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Scully then segued to his main point, one he has been making in similarly handsome dining rooms across the country: No matter what investors thought about Obamacare politically — and surely many there did not think much of it — the law was going to make some people very rich. The Affordable Care Act, he said, wasn’t simply a law that mandated insurance for the uninsured. Instead, it would fundamentally transform the basic business model of medicine. With the right understanding of the industry, private-sector markets and bureaucratic rules, savvy investors could help underwrite innovative companies specifically designed to profit from the law. Billions could flow from Washington to Wall Street, indeed.

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Scully wrapped up his speech on a personal note. As a Republican, he said, he was ambivalent about the Affordable Care Act. He liked the market-driven private-insurance exchanges, but he detested that the law called for hundreds of billions of dollars in future subsidies to help Americans, including certain families earning up to about $95,000, buy insurance. The rapid transfer of so much money from other parts of the economy could have a negative overall effect. “It’s way too much money, way too fast,” Scully said. “But it’s going to be great for you investors.”


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Invest for the long haul

Obamacare is here to stay.


Just saying.


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