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Ben Swann, Luke Rudkowski, and Josh Tolley with Revolution Car Badges in Galt's Gulch Chile!

Sweet! An online liberty friend of mine traveled to Galt's Gulch Chile for the Liberty Festival, and he went bearing gifts!

Check it out!

A special thanks goes to Danny Sessoms for this great score!


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Galt's Gulch Chile is the perfect set up for Permaculture...

Using Sepp Holzer & Paul Wheaton plans.

who else didn't know this chile thing was goin on?


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Where you been, man


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well i knew galt's gult in chile existed,

it was created by jeff berwick..but didn't know there was some gathering go on there with popular american liberty people

I found out about it because...

...a friend told me he wanted to buy 10 badges to hand out at the liberty festival in Chile. Then I kept hearing chatter about Galt's Gulch Chile, so I did a little research. Liberty is Rising!

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