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Just helped the DP out! :D

I completely missed where DP had an Amazon link to purchase items through until another member here mentioned it, so I just used it to purchase a couple of books.


And since it's the 40th anniversary of Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Freidman (which is on sale right now), no better way to utilize this on a book that's been on my reading list far too long.


Thought I'd post about it in case others also weren't aware there was a way to help out the site!

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Bump and a thank you from the other side of the world


Blessings for the help in keeping this place going.

Also you'll note that every time you post a book link at Amazon, it shows up on the bookshelf section on the bottom right side of the page (after a short delay) --->.

And also on the bookshelf.

Using any of these entry points to Amazon will help out the DP with a little kickback.

He's the man.

It's not there

I remember there was a bookshelf where you said, and it was neat, and I didn't know if I bought a book on Amazon through DP it would show up on that bookshelf which is not there. The Daily Paul banner is not there either.. all there is at the top of the page for me is: "Dedicated to Restoring Constitutional Government to the United States of America", and an "Overturn Obamacare" ad. On the right, thre's a Male Gamers ad, (top posts)(The Granger account) another Onerturn Obamacare ad, (Active Forum Topics), Midas, Liberty, freedom, pheonix, kindle ads, (recent comments)(who's online" (Mod box).

A book shows up on the DP bookshelf

if when you mention the book, you include the amazon link. Btw, if you *go back* and add the link, it won't show up. You'd need to mention the book (and its link) in a new comment or reply.

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Got $18 left on my gift card.

Got $18 left on my gift card. Thinking about getting the Federalist Papers. I've only read summaries and quotes, never actually read them. Not really looking to get another economics book. That's what already comprises most of my collection.

You can order all your amazon stuff from here

and you can also subscribe or make a donation to the DP
Read Michael's letter here

Two books I like- The anticapitalist mentality by Mises and Income Tax the root of all evil- Chodorov

Please subscribe to smaulgld.com

At some point I'll finally

At some point I'll finally subscribe, maybe in January!

good for the order of the DP