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Dr. David Suzuki: If Building #4 goes, "it’s bye-bye Japan, and everybody on the West Coast of North America should evacuate."

Key quote on Fukushima Daichi Building #4. "...The fourth one has been so badly damaged that the fear is if there’s another quake of a 7 or above that that building will go, and then all hell breaks loose. And the probability of a 7 or above quake in the next 3 years is over 95%."

NOTE; Japan experienced a 7.3 earthquake a few hundred miles from Fukushima, about two weeks ago.

Story and video at http://beforeitsnews.com/japan-earthquake/2013/11/fuked-west...

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is this news being suppressed?

One would wonder what the future health care costs would be from such a huge discharge of radiation into the environment?

What's Fukushima? Sushi?

Most Americans have already forgot the word 'Fukushima'.

Just last week on 'The Power Hour' they had a guest on that did a survey. He went around and asked people questions about Fukushima. The common reply was 'what's fukushima?'

Then he reminded them and told them the latest problem there.

The average response:
It can't be that bad, or I woulda heard it on the news :( ......

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people can say what they

people can say what they want, but I am no longer eating any Pacific caught sea food.

god forbid a nuclear bomb was

god forbid a nuclear bomb was ever dropped on japan, we'd all be doomed.

Question for you. How many

Question for you.

How many Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs would it take to equal Fukushima?

Take a guess, A wild one.

How many?

Please do tell!

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no idea, fukishima isnt a

no idea, fukishima isnt a bomb.

Was just watching this


I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

david suzuki is not credible

He's made his career being an alarmist. I've seen him speak. Not very impressive.

I'm not sure about David

I'm not sure about David Suzuki's credentials. I believe he was awarded an honorarium doctorate as a tribute to his tv shows re nature in general.He is not a scientist and he always takes the establishment's decree. Evacuating the west coast is certainly part of agenda 21 isn't it?

In this case maybe you should

In this case maybe you should look into how deadly radiation from a catastrophic nuclear accident can be, Suzuki aside...

Yes I am quite fearful of the

Yes I am quite fearful of the extent of radiation that must exist and not being reported. It's interesting to me that evacuating the west coast is the considered response (agenda 21?). I hope Japanese are evacuating Japan. Their economy is destroyed and no longer a threat to US interests. The radiation is going to affect us all over the globe for too many decades...and yes I fear the west coast will be greatly impacted by this.

I can assure you

that the Japanese economy is not destroyed. In spite of what BOJ has been doing over the past couple of decades, Main Street is doing very well. When you have a culture with a discriminating taste and a strong work ethic it can withstand a lot of foolhardy intervention and survive.

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Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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Before Its News is not credible

I don't know anything about Suzuki, but I do know that you have to be extremely caution with anything coming off of that site.

Anyway, they wholesale stole the post from

ENE News:

What Suzuki says is:

"I’ve seen a paper which says that if in fact the fourth plant goes under an earthquake and those rods are exposed, it’s bye-bye Japan, and everybody on the West Coast of North America should evacuate..."

Which paper? Who wrote it? Did he read it on Before It's News?

These are important questions.

Nuclear Bomb?

I heard someone saying to drop a nuclear bomb on it to fry it. lol

ummmmmm is it time to move to Chile?

....This kind of news just makes that southern hemisphere look better and better.

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well if that happens buy a gun!

imagine mass immigration at one time?

Good Point

Don't wait for it to happen, buy it now!

they suggest...

"We need to get a group of international experts to go in with complete freedom to do what they suggest."

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

More alarmist nonsense.

More alarmist nonsense. Local Chernobyl like devastation? For sure, probably much worse actually, but West Coast evac? Don't make me laugh.

That being said, nuclear power is simply way too dangerous on the massive state sponsored scale we currently use. An reactor anywhere can melt down at any time and the local population will be SOL. Besides, there's no need for it when you can have very small underground reactors that are many orders of magnitude safer.

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its not

chernobyl was a simple meltdown, building 4 has a fuel pool in it with thousands of fuel rods in it. This is much larger scale than normal reactor meltdowns.

It's also spilling

into the sea. What radiation level would cause a west coast evacuation?

Radiation. Out of site,out of mind.

If Amerika had a modern slogan to reflect the attitude of the masses this would be it. It's like saying 9/11 was bad but didn't effect the middle east that much. Maybe we should all listen to Ann Coulter and increase our daily dose because "It's good for you".

67 years after Herosima.

Undoubtedly a collapse at Fukushima would be a terrible, but not world fatal.

Are you actually from India or speak Hindi Jill Booth?

Such a strange spelling I just had to google it lol.

thats not hiroshima, or how hiroshima is spelled.

The modern city in that link is yokohama.

...and that is too scary OF a thought

...oops sorry, just repeating your bad grammar.