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Dr. David Suzuki: If Building #4 goes, "it’s bye-bye Japan, and everybody on the West Coast of North America should evacuate."

Key quote on Fukushima Daichi Building #4. "...The fourth one has been so badly damaged that the fear is if there’s another quake of a 7 or above that that building will go, and then all hell breaks loose. And the probability of a 7 or above quake in the next 3 years is over 95%."

NOTE; Japan experienced a 7.3 earthquake a few hundred miles from Fukushima, about two weeks ago.

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Thanks bradyrose.

Just Googled Hiroshima today images and many of the same photos came up, some to the link I provided, and some to other articles.
Googled Yokohama City images, it looked quite different,(apart from the Ferris wheel)

More fear mongering. We

More fear mongering. We already had a couple buildings explode there and obviously as expected, all hell didnt break loose. Not that its good for the environment, but it isnt going to mean the end of the pacific ocean and everyone living there.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.


This is exactly the scale of harm that kills oceans, Virginian. Do not let yourself be fooled, they will starve many people as the NWO takes the moral high ground. Killing an Ocean kills many. When the puppet-masters seem to prevail, the patriots appear. NOSTRADAMUS

Fear mongering? This should give people time to prepare.

The collapse of Building #4 and subsequent fire would produce more fallout than a Chinese thermonuclear attack on the West Coast, as H bombs are relatively "clean" weapons (when detonated high enough so the fireball does not touch the ground). I flew to Germany, as part of an ANG detachment, four days after Chernobyl. I was not scared then and I am not scared now. However, I am MUCH more concerned about this than I was about Chernobyl, as this could produce significantly more casualties than a "dirty bomb" attack on a major US city. If you are not concerned about THIS possibility, you have your "head in the sand."

fuel pools > reactors

The reactors are not a big deal compaired to the fuel pools. There are thousands of fuel rods stored in those pools, and if those rods are not kept under water, they will catch fire. Fuel pools the size of building 4's would be a hemispheric event, more cesium released by that than 17,000 hiroshima bombs. Even in situations where the pool does not drain, tepco will be playing a game pickup stix that could still end the same. These rods, are long, and thin, and they are normally moved to and from the reactor pools via computer controlled robots that are accurate to the millimeter. The pool has previously already overheated, causing the aluminum casings that hold the rods to distort, with the earthquake toppling them haphazardly. So now, without computers, they will need to remove the thousands of rods manually. As they remove them, if they snap any of them, the water will boil, more radiation will be released, and they will have to wait until the levels have gone down until they can try again. If they break too many, the reactor pool can boil off to the point where the rods are exposed, the fire starts, and there will be no stopping it. You don't know what your talking about when you compair this to the reactors alone.

Have you been able to get much news out of Japan?

I've done searches and very little news in general let alone Fukushima info seems to be coming out the last week. I have read an article that talks about the government instituting a media filter to control the flow of news that could harm State security and the Japanese economy.

Here is an example from Natural News:

"Censorship of the truth about what is really going on at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility has been taken to a whole new level of corruption. According to a recent report from the Shingetsu News Agency, the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication (MIAC), in conjunction with the National Police Agency and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), has established a special project team to crack down on independent and freelance news agencies that criticize or otherwise scrutinize the official Japanese government position concerning Fukushima."

Good read.

There are so many conflicting reports and opinions on a Fukushima melt down, that unless a person has a really good understanding of how it all works, it is really confusing.