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The Fed's Reasons to Keep QE Going On and On and On

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On and on

Fed just keeps on buying,
Can't they see the currency dying?
On and on
On and on
On and on.

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I wish I could find the video but Ron Paul called it long ago.

He was answering a question during a debate and said something along the lines of "now we have QE 1, QE 2, then it will be QE 3, QE 4-ever..."


This was a really interesting discussion on a really non-abstract level about real practical stuff. Very insightful. Sure, what you two guys were saying was somewhat directly insightful, but it didn't end there. The magic of your style of interview/discussion was such that I became a quiet third party to the discussion, and as you two provided your real-world experience to the collective analysis, I was lumping mine in there too and came away with analytical insights deeper than what you guys directly hit on. I enjoy listening to the Eric Kings of the world interview the Jim Sinclairs and Jim Grants. I even once in a while enjoy listening to the Dave Ramseys or even the weekly real estate show on my local talk radio, but this discussion beat all those, quite frankly.