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Robert Kiyosaki talks prepping, anarchy in America, and issues his biggest warning ever 11/1/13


“Pretty soon the government has to start printing in mass. They’re only printing a trillion a year right now, but they will start printing more because, very simply, they can’t handle Social Security, Medicare…If they stiff those people, we’ll have anarchy.” In other words, Robert believes we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Unfortunately, Robert’s view of the future of America is bleak. He believes that within the next five years, the entire system will collapse, ushering in a period of American chaos and poverty the likes of which have never been seen. “I think the biggest thing I can warn people is this, from my indication, the people in the stock market – the guys with 401(k)’s, and IRA’s full of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, they’re the next target; they’re going to get wiped out. The last target was 2007 and it was the homeowners. Now, they’re going to get the retirement plans.”

To watch the entire interview, go here: http://marketsanity.com/k...

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He forgot to plug his new book...

Thriving Dad/Starving Dad

Who knew he was a long time "conspiracy theorist".
I know people that have been asleep, but think the world of this guys advice.
Robert should get more public about his views.

I've been following his work, since his "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

and he's actually the one who introduced who Mike Maloney is, to me (obviously by remote).

Mike Maloney's Hidden Secrets of Money Ep. 4 has Landed! The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind (Debt Ceiling Truth)

Maloney is one of his personal investment advisers. And, when I found out that Mike was a r3VOL? It's like fuhgehddaboutit! .D

Here's Kiyosaki on the Alex Jones show a few years back; he was trying to get a 'feel' for the patriot movement, though he's been prepping on his own, for awhile now: Icon Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of The Rich

Icon Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad's Conspiracy of The Rich - Alex Jones Tv 1/3

Uploaded on Oct 19, 2010

Icon Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad's Conspiracy of The Rich - Alex Jones Tv 2/3

Uploaded on Oct 19, 2010

Icon Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad's Conspiracy of The Rich - Alex Jones Tv 3/3

Uploaded on Oct 19, 2010

Alex welcomes to the show investor, businessman, self-help author and motivational speaker, Robert Kiyosaki. Mr. Kiyosaki is best known for his Rich Dad Poor Dad series of motivational books and other material published under the Rich Dad brand. He has written 15 books which have combined sales of over 26 million copies. He has created three "Cashflow" board and software games for adults and children and has a series of "Rich Dad" audio cassettes and disks. Other books by Kiyosaki include: Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom, Why We Want You To Be Rich, and Before You Quit Your Job.



but yeah, while he's more in the 'practical'/consequentialist sphere, he definitely knows what's up. It's been awhile, and not sure if he said it on the AJ show, but I do recall in one of the interviews he did, he said that when he was a USMC chopper pilot in Vietnam, and would return to Naval carriers for resupply or drop off, on official DoD logistics sheets, some of them would have Rotschilds bank header on confiscated Russian arms shipments, and he was like: 'WTF, the same bank help supplying DoD contracts is also working with the Soviets??

Don't ask me know why or how, but that's what he said he saw: I see no reason why a well known multi-millionaire at the levels that he is (supposedly he was worth in half-billionish range by 2010 or something), would randomly pull something like that with no factual basis, as he'd have nothing to gain from 'winning' a few more patriot customers: so I believe he was being sincere, when he said it, as how he described it.

Regardless, it's an open secret that even during the height of the Cold War, the Soviets funneled their oil via Iraq (and also via Mexico, and Venezuela, if I remember correctly, but I could be wrong on that), to be sold on the world market, AND in America.

I think the more first hand experience one has in seeing how the banksters physically fund both sides of any given conflict, their eyes can't help but to be opened up, and piece together what they've always suspected before with visual confirmation.

He has a saying that he often repeats, as he said again in the above GoldSeek radio interview: "There are two types of people: those who want to be proven right, and those who want to win. And, I want to win."

So he's always been clear on where his focus was: the SHTF is coming, will always come in some shape or form, I'm no political revolutionary, I'm just gonna focus on how to ride the wave.

In some sense, most intelligent investors I've met are like that. Mike Maloney's WealthCycles is essentially all about that, too.

But, the difference with Maloney and Kiyosaki is that while they're investors first, I'd say that in point of fact they are financial educators first and foremost; yup, they're both in my 'Good Guys' column.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Perhaps Russell Brand's Egalitarian socialism is what we need?


Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Someone needs to teach this dude what

anarchism really is....

It's a word that has been ruined like

liberal, or gay!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

en masse not "in mass" but even then, it's not the right phrase.

perhaps "in massive quantities" would have been more appropriate.

"en masse" means "all together" or "as a unit" which doesn't really apply here.

"in mass" is clearly not correct. Is the Fed going to hold a mass and print money during the event? Hardly. (satanic conspiracy theorists——pipe it)

Regardless, Robert must be trying to sell something.

It's not that I don't think what he predicts won't happen. I'm sure it will. But so far, no one gets the timing right.




Quite a surprise he is talking about this, but he was one of the main ones to do it right in the real estate industry.

Timing and the economy is what he knows, I'd take heed to what he says.

¶~~*~~Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~Ludwig Börne~~*~~¶

Michael Nystrom's picture

"If they stiff those people [on Social Security] ... "

"there'll be anarchy."

Ancaps should rejoice!

aftermath of the state

describing the immediate aftermath and chaos that results from the failure of the state itself as anarchy, as some equivelent of market anarchy, is bizarre nacisistic statist thought. I doubt as the state sinks into the waters it will neglect to try to pull us under with it.

I would rejoice if we lived in a society that had long enough realized government can't take on the role of saving for you, that it can't be trusted anymore than yourself not to spend the money. With that realisation, people make their own choices in life, many benefiting from their own foresight. We've already seen societies where wise personal choices benefiting those that make the right choices, lead to a society with greater material wealth over all. These are long term returns though, That has happend before on levels that government didn't control, benefitting many. Frankly much of the wealth in our society today, much of the things we have produced, are dispite the governments we live under, not because of them.

The chaos in the aftermath of the state is not the product of people making their own choices, it is the compounding result of prolonged process where others make (at best) blanket rule choices for people whom they are far removed from, a process that regulates productivity and economic oppertunity out of existence. resulting in a prolonged, painful socio-economic crash.

transitioning to a free society will require that people do not go back to the game of thrones just because they confuse the sting of government aftermath as what market anarchy is.

Front page stuff.

In my opine.

Here's the book he suggests twice in the interview...

This five-hour long recording is a passionate summary of Bucky's ideas. He reviews his assesment of humanity's most pressing problems, global strategies for solving these problems, and the conclusions from his "56-year experiment."


Grunch of Giants Hardcover
by R. Buckminster Fuller

Pandas eat bugs.

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Thanks for the tip

Wish it was available in kindle.

There are a few things I miss being in Taiwan - one of them is two day delivery from Amazon.

Liked, right, win, comfortable.

Got it.

Pandas eat bugs.