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George Will On Obama: Move Over Jimmy Carter, Obama Has My Vote For Worst President - Ever

George Will On Obama: Move Over Jimmy Carter, Obama Has My Vote For Worst President - Ever

By Michael Goodwin
Published October 07, 2013
New York Post

America has had some great presidents, many mediocre ones and a few bad ones. But we’ve never had one like Barack Obama. He’s the first who thinks the job is beneath him. He’s the first who turns political give-and-take into a crisis by refusing to negotiate with Congress. He’s the first who thinks the way to more power is to inflict pain on ordinary people. The move to barricade the World War II memorial reveals the mentality of a tin-pot dictator. The limited government shutdown did not need to affect the memorial because it is open 24 hours, without gates and often without guards.

But to turn public opinion in his favor, Obama’s goons trucked in barricades to keep out World War II vets and other visitors. By one estimate, the barricades and workers cost $100,000. The same punish-the-people attitude led to shutdowns of other parks and historic sites that get no federal funding. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting,” a Park Service ranger told The Washington Times. The ranger cited the order to close the parking lot at George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon so visitors couldn’t use it. The cheap trick captured the contrast between a revered president and the current one.

I’ve been saying for a while that there is no bottom to Obama. He’s not just ruthless. He’s without scruples and honor.

When it comes to his countrymen, Obama always chooses conflict over cooperation.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter can rest easy. We have a new worst “president.”

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Carter is not even close to the worst.

Not a fan, but Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Johnson, Clinton, Obama, and Bush X 2 all have him whipped. And I am sure a bunch of others as well.


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Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

Back in the early 80s, when Susan Sarandon was in her prime,

George Will, who had probably just seen "Pretty Baby" (1978), spoke appreciatively of Sarandon's figure. In those day, Sarandon would have put many a PLAYBOY centerfold to shame (Sarandon's daughter, who has an equally awesome figure, showed it to full advantage in an episode of "Californiation"). That was probably the last time I agreed with anything George Will had to say.

Will would likely argue that Mitt Romney would have been a better choice than Obama. No way; were Romney POTUS, we would still have Obamacare and probably a World War (over Iran or Syria), to boot.

Wow, you're right. Her

Wow, you're right. Her daughter does have quite the figure. How did this escape me? Guess I need to start watching TV again...

I'd give the nod to FDR, Woodrow Wilson, Lincoln and Obama

each earning the position on their own 'demerits". Carter wasn't nearly as bad as any of these.

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Too bad Will doesn't recognize a good president when

he sees one (Carter not BO). Perhaps it wold be a different world had not Reagan and his cronies secretly negotiated with Iran to sabotage Carter's chances for re-election. I don't think anyone here is stupid enough to blame the inflation of the 70s on Carter.

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The man who would be king.


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