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(Updated) Reminder: Be Prepared for Possible Power Outage Nov. 13-18, 2013

Today is Nov. 13th! Federal power grid 'test drill' day?

Any updates or news?

Everyone have power?


Do you recall hearing about Federal government power grid test/drill Nov. 13-18, 2013? It could be nationwide, or just eastern U.S., or just east cost. When they turn the whole electrical system down at once, they do not know how long it will take to get everything back on, or if transformers will blow.

Best to be prepared.

Have drinkable water.
Have gas in your vehicles. (gas pumps won't work)
Have cash. (atms, credit/debit cards won't work)
Have corded phones (cordless phones won't work, cell phones limited)
Have flashlights and batteries.
Get plug-in emergency lights (like night-lights on automatic)
Have blankets, warm and water-resistant clothing and shoes

Pay attention to your daily needs and MAKE A LIST.

Don't forget special needs of babies, pets....the elderly, ill, and disabled.

Have your meds and Rxs filled.


See: American Blackout 2013 National Geographic, for ideas



More prep info:




Power Outage Checklist


Remind Liberty Activists planning demonstrations this month to be prepared and not get stranded.

Well-wishes, everyone. Be safe.

Thank you.

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Federal Power Grid Test Today?

Everyone got power?

Y'all ok?

Please let us know if you hear anything.




The Diamond Dog is a real cool cat. | Reporting on the world from an altitude of 420.

shutting it down is not a good idea. inductive reactance is why.

transformers blow.

crying wolf too many times is also not a good idea.
it is also a tactic.