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Calling NJ Voters: Christie vs Buono vs Third Party... What to Do?

Alright my fellow NJ DPers, the election day is near and once again I have to ask... what are you going to do?

For me, Buono is out of the picture entirely at this point. Though Christie is far from terrible, I don't know if he's done enough to really earn my vote again (I voted for him last election). So it's probably the LP candidate (third on the ballot this year) for me.

What about you?

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Vote with your feet

It's more likely to improve your situation than any ballot you cast in NJ.

I voted Libertarian...No

I voted Libertarian...No difference between Christie and a Democrat (besides the lies they tell to the public to get elected)

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As someone who spends alot of time in Jersey

you're better off getting out as soon as possible. Besides the state being over populated and a giant flood zone, it is 4 to 1 democrat. although Christy made some improvements in his time once they reelect a democrat, and they will, That state will be back full speed on a highway to hell. I don't know why you live there, Let It be work or family but you are better off heading for a state where your view of freedom will have more of an impact. if you like the feel of New England you should try New Hampshire. When the currency crisis finally ensues the last place you will wanna be is in New Jersey.

That's exactly why Christie

always seems like he's sort of "playing for the other team" meaning the slightly more overtly socialists in the democratic party, as opposed to the barely less communistic denizens of the republican party.

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Although it is not

Although it is not principled, I think the right thing to do is to vote for the democrat. Right now the biggest threat to Rand Paul is Chris Christie. If he gets voted out his 2016 campaign is over and Rand Paul is closer to the White House!

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It's decided: LP candidate it

It's decided: LP candidate it is. Wish me luck on the way to the 'booth.

Almost exactly my sentiments, nothappy.

One thing on my mind, other than not bothering to vote this time. Buono is the sweetheart of the ultra liberals here. I think she is another tax and spend (at my expense for the benefit of her friends) liberal. Property taxes are totally out of control in this State and will get worse with a Dem in the governor's mansion.

On the other hand, if she can't win vs. Christie, I do owe a few ultra liberal, Buono supporting, friends a favor. They listened to me and worked their butts off for Ron Paul last go 'round. I'm hoping to find something we have in common with Buono and am coming up dry.

So, I just don't know if I will sit this one out or not.

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Yeah I was thinking the same.

Yeah I was thinking the same. I will definitely vote for my school board because thats important this election in my district, but as for governor I may just leave it blank.

Christie supports gun control:

Governor Christie supports gun control laws. He has supported the assault weapons ban, opposes concealed carry laws, and supports the New Jersey one gun per month law.

While running for Assemblyman in 1995 Chris Christie put out a campaign flyer noting his support for the assault weapons ban. He called the support for repealing the ban dangerous, crazy, and radical.

In 2009 while seeking the Governor's office in 2009, US Attorney Christie put out a fact sheet noting that he supported New Jersey's gun laws and opposed concealed carry laws. He mocked the idea that he "stood with the NRA."

After assuming office, Governor Christie supported a recently passed New Jersey that only allowed each person to purchase one handgun per day.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Vote your principles.

If you truly believe in either Christie or Buono then you should vote for that person. Don't fall into the trap of voting for the lesser of two evils.

I've seen two arguments on this site that I don't agree with:
1) vote for Buono to take Christie out of the 2016 presidential race
2) vote for Christie to prevent Dems from having another governor

The Republican Party will never change, if that is even possible, until they lose many races with the third party vote totalling more than their margin of loss.

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Yahoo: Chris Christie Is About To Win A Landslide

Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) speaks to a campaign rally in Toms River, New Jersey, on Nov. 2, 2013

Mitt Romney's infamous "47%" remarks were a despairing message to the Republican Party: only a bare majority of Americans are interested in anything other than a government handout.

Republicans can forget about landslides. Their best hope is to line up nearly all of the non-taker voters to win by a slim majority.


Why not? Christie's one of the best Democratic governors...

in a "Blue State".

well, when i was reading the

well, when i was reading the pamphlet sent out last week I was intrigued by the "NSA did 911" party candidate Jeffery Boss, until of course I saw what he wanted to do as governer. Still though, the opening was a fantastic read.

I was curious too

His website was pretty confusing, though