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The Free Market in Chile: Something Incredible is Happening Here

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Micro Businesses

When I traveled the world I enjoyed purchasing from the micro businesses and felt that I was helping people. I especially enjoyed purchasing fresh produce from local farmers and fisherman and then getting tips on preparation.

Great read. Thanks.""

excerpt: "Not far from my apartment, there’s a whole span of a few city blocks, where a thriving and bustling marketplace buzzes with activity.

The sidewalks are literally covered with sheets, on top of which random vendors place the goods they offer at unbeatable prices that Uni Mar could NEVER hope to match, due to all their overhead, middle-man, and fee costs. A street vendor selling fresh, local produce can charge significantly cheaper than Uni Mar because he doesn’t have to pay for rent, a middle-man, and probably can operate tax free (taxes are another important factor contributing to the detriment of economic activity in the United States).

Literally, you have to see what this looks like in person: expanses of neighborhood blocks, colorful and diverse with a variety of goods and services being offered—a hive spring of entrepreneurship, of local SMALL business."

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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It's awesome I agree.

It's what eastern europe was like 1990-1993