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Ron Paul's Take On ObamaCare - Fox Biz Interview 11/4/13


“Whether it’s flood insurance, housing insurance, or medical insurance, the word is being used erroneously; this is not insurance. You know as well as I do that insurance is supposed to measure risk, but when you call it government insurance, and tell the insurance company what they must do and what they must do and provide, then it becomes forced welfare. So this has been the biggest problem that we’ve had – they pretend this is insurance, and it isn’t. It’s nothing more than a government mandate and a dictate and they’re looking for who’s going to pay for it…This has nothing to do with insurance. It is government central economic planning, which is the real evil.”


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Rothbard studied history back to the 1780s.

Governments have been robbing us blind as long as we have let them.

220 years later, there is no reason to believe any different, unless one buys into the propaganda.

Free includes debt-free!

Its looking more and more like this was planned to set the

stage for a single payer medicaid/medicare for all.

Forced Equality = Oppression = Tyranny

Forced Equality = Oppression = Tyranny

kind people rock

That's just it. Tyranny,

That's just it. Tyranny, central planning, unconstitutional government... all of these things are essentially meaningless to people.

"Free" or "affordable" health care? Sure, people can easily relate to that and no one care how many throats get stomped on to get it.

This is true which is why it's possible

catch phrases could help destroy the dead end rhetoric the majority of folks repeat. People care so much about equality that I think FORCED should be in front of it as a message. I would be cool to see Forced Equality = Tyranny in black and white on billboards across the nation. There is so much reasoning that can be marketed, we just need a vision and some funds. Onward for liberty, Forced Equality = Tyranny! Forced Equality = Tyranny! Forced Equality = Tyranny!

kind people rock

Re Obamacare, well said, RP,

although I'm more in line with the commentator re this being more than just a matter of stupidity in not seeing where it could end. It fits way too nicely with the ultimate goal of progressives re centralized government.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

This rant rips socialized medicine apart.


Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

i'd probably add a disguised

i'd probably add a disguised tax in there somewhere too

I like the term, great to use

I like the term, great to use in conversations in the future.

Southern Agrarian

Forced welfare

That really sums it up.