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Attraction Perform Their Stunning Shadow Act_

To me, all that matters is love. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4Fv98jttYA

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It just blows my mind that

It just blows my mind that human beings can create art like this, but at the same time, do so much harm to each other! I mean look at Mike Huckabee. Sometimes I watch his show and see him playing the guitar with his guest.I mean in another life, maybe he could of been a musician or something, but instead he's a Neo-Con Puppet! I can say the same about Arnold Schwarzenegger, The man played the Terminator for Godsake! One of the greatest films of all time, and then for some odd reason, runs for Governor!? Why do people do this to the world, but also themselves and their legacy? I don't get it. Can someone please help me with this? lol

my take

is these nerdowells cain't bring theyselves admitten to God and all
humanoids that tyey wuz wrong about something
the shame of it all! me thinks mr. ego is hard at wirk with
countless idiot savants

Amen to that

Amen to that