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I'm Pregnant and Most Likely Have To Apply For Obamacare.

I thought I would come to the DP for any helpful advice or suggestions. I really do NOT want to apply for Obamacare but I am several months pregnant and have not been to the doctor yet; I don't know what other options I have. I had health insurance up until May, but being young, I've never needed it much. My husband's job only allows health insurance for him, not his family.
I know my state offered emergency medical for pregnant women, and when I tried to get that, I was told they no longer offer that now because of Obamacare.
In addition, Obamacare is too expensive anyways. I haven't checked the cost using the Obamacare site, (I don't want to be in their system) but someone I'm close to, who works for a large insurance company, was able to figure the cost for me alone, which is frankly something we really can't afford. The cost didn't even include the co-pays, and of course it would be something I would then have to pay for the rest of my life when I really am only seeking help with my pregnancy.

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Dont sign up to that website,

Dont sign up to that website, it is a security nightmare and utter disaster waiting to happen. I think the hackers are likely sitting back and waiting to pounce once more people have signed up.

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Does anyone know

if you are under OphamaCare, will it be compulsory to vaccinate your brand new, pure,baby?

Better not be...but it's

Better not be...but it's headed that way. Time to have your babies off the grid when that happens.

Get the best Obamaplan money can buy

but wait until you're 8-9 months along. Pay the $1000 or whatever it is for the Gold plan, have the kid a few weeks later, then drop it.

Screw them.

As an aside on the "cash" price. My wife and I did not want to get coverage for her and were willing to pay cash. The hospital offered to give us a 10% discount if we paid the entire bill within 30 days. $2500 discount of a $25000 bill. We went ahead and got the insurance and the hospital accepted about $12000 from the insurance. The hospitals have no incentive to give discounts. That's the main problem with having a middleman (i.e. insurance company)


First off, congratulations on your pregnancy. :-) I'm sorry you have to worry about this right now.
I would STRONGLY recommend against signing up for the gov't plan. Here's why:
- In addition to your monthly premiums and co-pays, the so-called "affordable plans" also include astronomical deductibles. These plans are fine if you're having a lengthy hospital stay or very expensive surgery, but for prenatal care and labor/delivery, you're looking at forking over possibly thousands dollars to the OB and the hospital (these charges are typically separate), again, this is plus your monthly premiums.

- The provider networks for these plans are shrinking by the minute which equals you having a bigger and bigger chance of sub-standard care. Options are really important when it comes to having a good birth and with Obamacare, your options are very likely going to be limited to whatever doc-in-the-box is in the network.

Here's my recommendation: look into homebirth and freestanding birth centers. Yes, this means you'll be planning a drug-free, low intervention birth, and yes, you'll still need to talk to your midwife about the (unlikely!!) possibility of needing a hospital transfer, but in most cases, these services will cost far less than you would expect to spend on insurance + deductibles and copays. We're still talking $2-3k, but frequently you can work out payment plans and you are going to get world's better care from a midwife. Some offer sliding scales.

Recommended watching: The Business of Being Born and Pregnant In America (which is harder to find, but worth watching)
Recommended reading: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth (Ina May Gaskin), Childbirth without fear (Grantly Dick-Read, outdated language but one of the best articulations of the case for low-intervention birth and easily obtainable from most libraries)and Birth Matters (possibly my favorite book by Ina May Gaskin).

I know it's DP and we're all sort of loosely associated here at best, but I would be happy to talk with you more over email (stitchingmama at yahoo dot com). Depending on your state I might be able to at least help you find some midwives to interview. Please don't make any decisions based on fear! At the end of the day, your body was designed to bring your baby safely into this world. :) Best wishes!

I would go straight to the hospital

that you plan to give birth at and ask to speak to their financial person about your situation. I'm sure they'll understand where you're coming from not wanting any dealings with Obamacare, as they have no love for it either.

They will tell you what your stay will "really cost" without insurance and perhaps know where you can apply for more help.

I would try for a VBAC, or get a second opinion on the pelvis shape thing. My mom planned to have natural childbirth, but ending up having a C-section after 24 hours of labor and a shallow pelvis, so that does happen. Vaginal births are less expensive, thus the increased C-section rate.

People say that midwives are cheaper, but not when insurance doesn't pay for them at all. My insurance has loosened up a little bit, but will only cover CNMs and not CPMs. I've had six babies in the hospital because that's the cheapest place for me to have them.

Are you close to Mexico?

You could get good quality care down there for very few dollars, you should consider that option I know of many people that have...

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Over the counter

You dont need a doctor anymore to get pregnancy vitamins.
Is there a sliding scale clinic near by? If so..Go there..(the one here charges 25.00 a visit)
I pray God watches over your family. I wish you much happiness and many blessings.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Do you (or your husband) have any skills that could be bartered?

You may be able to barter with a Midwife, and some doctors will barter as well.

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Don't worry

There is a 99.9984% probability that the baby will be born just fine.

i hate to say this... but

I hate to say this... but if you can't afford insurance (even Ocare) then you damn sure wont be able to afford a child.

If you make less then 30 grand a year then you should have payments in the 100-150$ a month range next year thanks to subsidies :/

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Not true.

It all depends on what you consider necessary for the child. Cloth dipes and mother's milk aren't expensive.

But seriously folks

We had our first (twins!) when we were 23. Dec. 8 1974.
Two Months Premature!
Our son lived and our daughter went directly to Heaven after a day on earth.
I'm 62.
When I was 49, God revealed to me that my baby daughter had one mission in this life. "To escort her brother to earth."
Oh we had 'connections', a neighbor was a thoracic surgeon and I hoped he could save my daughter. He didn't. For all his years of experience and a desire to help life-long neighbors, he mis-diagnosed her condition. All she needed was a $2 chest tube to bleed air out of her chest cavity so her collapsed lung could inflate. Our doctor performed hernia surgery. The shock of the operation killed her.
But today after all these years, I know that my daughter has been in Heaven in a place who's beauty I really can't even imagine.

My son just had his first child on Sept. 11 2012.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wish I could have put aside all the fear and anxiety over the years - about things that mostly never happened - so I could just see this life as an adventure - a mission - guided by my loving, all powerful Father and Creator of the universe.

So I say to you, You and your family are going to be just fine - no matter what happens.


BT that's rough. And touching.

Much respect. My son is 13 and I am almost always in a state of fear and anxiety over what might happen or what is to come, as I remember my teenage years of being a miscreant. People tell me he's gonna be twice the trouble or the same as I was, or that everything will be okay (that's my parents, who put up with me - but it's a miracle I'm alive, no doubt.)

My son has his faults but he's actually more well behaved and with a better moral compass than I had. I've been teaching him the NAP before I knew it existed. I just knew it as the golden rule.

Check with your local Crisis Pregnancy Centers!

No, I'm not kidding! They can be a real help with baby things, ultrasounds, doctor referrals, and other things an expecting mom needs. They also often have a doctor on staff or who supports them and may give you a reasonable deal. Also look into a medical sharing plan. {*disclaimer* some are better than others, none insure coverage (pun intended) and Medishare is probably more reliable than Samaritan}.

Here are links to two:



I concur with the opinion below as well, if you are relatively both young and healthy, a Midwife may be the best option of all.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Midwife midwife midwife!

As a former insurance company insurance benefits specialist I must say...


Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Second That!

I watched the 'Business of being Born". When we have a kid there is no way in hell it will be in a hospital.

Your baby's first experiences in this world need to be in the loving comfort of your own home, not some over steril, spiritually devoid, MERCA plagued hospital in which you will be pumped full of drugs which will most likely end up in a C-section so your apathetic doctor can make some extra cash and still get to the links for his tee time...

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Here's one solution! Have your baby in the CAR!

PAPD Officers Help Woman Give Birth Near Holland Tunnel Entrance
Ying Chen, New Daughter, Doing Well At Hospital
JERSEY CITY (CBSNewYork/AP) — It appears that one baby couldn’t wait to be born!

Port Authority police came to the aid of a New York City woman who gave birth on the Jersey City side of the Holland Tunnel.

CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider met with the family Monday evening.

Ying Chen and Kai Tang, who live together in Brooklyn, had been in Philadelphia and were headed home to meet with their doctor Monday with their cousin behind the wheel. Suddenly, Chen, 21, went into labor.


It's hilarious that the officers get the credit.

Oh yeah. They fetched the OB kit and cut the cord.

Check out Dr. Morley's articles on cord clamping.

Lets do a ron paul baby bomb?

I wonder what the good ol' doctor paul would charge to help you out? (-;

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So, what I have found, from a

So, what I have found, from a kind of non-scientific examination of Obamacare, is this:

1) Financially speaking, it makes little sense not to take the best plan offer. The extra benefits is well worth the little more money.

2) If you are young, this is horrible for you. You will pay 2-4x, in general (there may be outliers), than what you would have before, with a lot of unneeded benefits.

3) If you are a male, then this will be more bad/less good for you. Obamacare premiums are gender-neutral...

4) If you are healthy, then this will be more bad/less good for you. Obamcare premiums generally put people with pre-existing conditions in your pool. They do the same with the obese, chronically sick etc.

The positives are almost all direct responses to the negatives:

1) If you are old (over 45, I will say), this is a great deal for you. You will be paying a couple hundred, if not many hundreds, less/month than you would before Obamacare, with some nicer benefits.

2) If you are a woman, this will be more good/less bad for you. The plans are gender-neutral, so your expensive pregnancy goes into a larger pool. However, I will add that while most companies pre-Obamacare charged women more for healthcare, claiming that woman use the product more, market research shows that while woman "use" the product more, men "charge" the product more....men cost more dollars annually, presumably because when they do use the product, it is more expensive. Frankly, I never understood why, pre-Obamacare, woman actually were being charged more. The numbers do not add up.

3) If you have a pre-existing condition, then you LOVE Obamacare. Because now, your high cost is subsidized by everyone else! I really don't like this...the reason being that, insurance companies are allowed to charge more based on age. But age is a pre-existing condition! Why are insurance companies being allowed to say "you are 40 years old, you MUST be a bigger liability", but not say "you are an obese person with high cholesterol, you MUST be a bigger liability". Before y'all jump down my throat and say that some conditions the insurance companies can "punish" you for, I am generalizing to make a point.

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#1 on the positives is wrong

maybe you need to adjust your view of older a bit....maybe up it to 55 years old...then maybe you would be right.


Sugar is 58. Bud is 60. And I'm 57.
We're not old, we still rock out (until about 9:30).

Although in dog years we're all dead.

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to be continued

Some suggestions....

1) Don't have it! Let your husband go through the labor. ;)

(after reading that your husband HAS insurance, my reasoning is even more sound! ;) )

2) Check with the county and city where you reside for any free or low-cost clinics or referrals.

3) Look up reputable (no complaints, etc) ob/gyns in your area through the state medical or osteopathic board online, or for a nurse practitioner under supervision of ob/gyn in good-standing, and call around for someone who gives good phone service, good office service, someone you feel comfortable with, who is willing to work out a package CASH deal and payment plan.

First decide:

a) do you want male or female practitioner;
b) do you feel comfortable with someone less than a full-fledged dr. helping you with the birth;
c) what's your pain threshhold and fear level - natural or spinal block; or c-section if you're too small, diabetic, other complications;

d)number order your location preferences for birth: home, dr's ofc, birthing center or clinic, hospital....then call around to negotiate what you want and price, ie: want a certain hospital?....look up ob/gyns on staff...then call them at their office for info to discuss possibilities, and then do same with hospital - perhaps with dr's help for discounts, etc.

(may need a first ultra-sound and lab tests to decide)

True physicians, those in it to give service and help rather than to make lots of money, will be happy to help you and will not turn you away.

Plan for emergencies with your dr., etc. You don't want your dr. calling 911 to his clinic for help because he doesn't know what to do.

Just some ideas. ;)

Congrats! Sending well-wishes, health and happiness! :)

Thank you, this is very

Thank you, this is very detailed. I'll have to read the rest of the comments when I have more time, but you've given me a lot to work with. I did find a free clinic that helps out only during the first trimester, so that's great. But it is the end result I am more concerned with as I will have to have a c-section. I had an emergency c-section years ago and was told that due to my pelvis shape/size, I can never have kids that way. I know lots of other women have been able to have children regularly after c-sections but I don't want to risk a home birth or even at a birth center when I would have died with my first. I still remember seeing the $10,000 hospital bill, of which $500 was the deductible thanks to great insurance. Hence why I'm freaked out, so thank you for your suggestions!

I didn't see this comment

I didn't see this comment about your health history before I posted mine. :-( This definitely changes the picture, obviously.
I know that when doctors make pronouncements like "you'll never have kids vaginally and if you try you could die" it's scary (those statements are designed to scare you), but in most cases, the small pelvis thing is a myth. Again - There's like a MASSIVE disclaimer here because I am NOT trying to tell you your doctors are wrong or that you're wrong or to ignore the fact that you may very well have a real, valid impediment to vaginal delivery. BUT: I do know that doctors have been peddling the lie of the big baby/small pelvis for a long time now (including my grandmother who was sliced stem-to-stern twice in the '50's and commanded to not have any more children after). This myth is putting women through major abdominal surgery, putting them and their babies at risk for many complications, both during and after birth and robbing them of the chance to see how powerful their bodies truly are (I know this may sound like hippie trollop to some, but I'm not kidding)...

So, I would urge you to do some reading and get a second opinion and again, good luck with everything, regardless of what choice you make. Just please, don't surrender your choices out of fear. Doctors employ the fear mongering liberally especially with birth and it works most of the time, sadly.

Links of the small pelvis issue (Cephalopelvic Disproportion):
- http://spinningbabies.com/baby-positions/cpd (spinning babies is an AWESOME website, spend some time there when you can, lots of great information)
- http://www.caesarean.org.uk/articles/Myths.html
- http://www.bellybelly.com.au/birth/small-pelvis-big-baby-cpd... (the first part of this article is copied from the second link there, but there is some other good information below)
- Finally - ICAN - the International Cesarean Awareness Network

And an awesome video re: VBACs and HBACs


I'd second that advice.

CPD is rare. But it is frequently over-diagnosed.

First of all

You write that years ago you were told that you could never have kids with a vaginal birth.

Who told you that and how long ago was it? It could just be untrue.
Did you ask about this at the free clinic that you were at?

Both my boys were born at home. There was also an alternative birthing room at the hospital which was available in any case there were any complications. I would do that if there really is no problem with what you wrote. (That was my first and only choice.)

I don't know where you are although I would find a midwife or midwives in your area and make an appointment and share those concerns. Each state has different laws but as far as I know, most states that midwives practice in must have a doctor who will work with them if need be. The midwife could and would consult with the doctor. There are also nurse midwives.

If it were me, signing up for Obummercare would never, ever be an option.

Here is one midwifery where I am in Maine. You could contact them, no matter where you are and they
could steer you in the direction for a midwife in your area and answer some questions:


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I will definitely be getting

I will definitely be getting a second opinion, I haven't had my appointment yet at the clinic. It was 8 years ago, my family and I were told by the doctor and nurses at the hospital right before the c-section. My doctor was on vacation when I went into labor. I was in labor for 2 days and I pushed all night. I remember the nurses being at a loss as they'd tried everything, put me in every position, etc and the whole time they could see her head but she wasn't getting any farther. They even tried to tell me I wasn't pushing hard enough--BS! They finally called in the doctor-on-call, he came in, took one look and marched out of the room. My mother overheard him admonishing the head nurse in the hallway, saying she (the baby) was never coming out that way and demanding to know who my doctor was. After that, the staff came in and everyone was apologizing to me and acting super nice after that. My real doctor called me after I was home with the baby and apologized as well.
But yes, I will be getting a second opinion for sure. Thank you, and I'll give that link a try to see if they have recommendations for my area.

Natural Birth


Both my kids are natural born, we really don't need hospitals. The babies love the warm water of a bath tub. Anyways it is a lot cheaper. Check around places around your area that help with that sort of thing :)